Hate on it if you want but forma-stanzol works for pct!!!

  1. Hate on it if you want but forma-stanzol works for pct!!!

    We have all heard the rumors, that forma can be used as a stand alone pct but everyone was afraid to try it alone.
    Well, one person was brave enough and that person was me.
    You can also check my thread in the cycle info where it logged the gains I made and I even stated there that I was going to run FORMA as a stand alone and everyone said I was crazy that I needed nolva or clomid and I had some on hand but never once touched it.

    Now I you can hate on this and say whatever you want, but I am getting nothing out of of making this review (Although it would be awesome if I did lol), this is all my doing on my own and this is my review of Forma as a stand-alone pct. Now I did use erase for the first week off, and I took zmk for 2 weeks but that was the extent of my pct.

    My cycle consisted of Epi strong, Katanadrol, Microdrol, Forma, Gear, Need2slin and N2guard

    I ran my cycle like this
    0-1 Epi 2 pills
    2-4 Epi 3 pills
    4-6 Epi 4 pills
    0-3 Kat 5 pills
    3-6 Kat 6 pills
    4-6 Microdrol (bradley asguard) 2cc a day

    Forma on cycle 6 pumps a day twice a day
    Forma PCT 10 pumps twice a day (directly on nips/chest)

    N2guard as directed
    Need2 slin as direct

    Now as you can tell that was a pretty serious cycle, its not like I was poppin pez.
    Well I ran my pct for a total of 6 weeks with the Forma, but at the end of week 4 I had my blood work done and my results came back as perfect. I was within tolerances of everything. My LDL was a little high but that has to do with my diet.

    During my pct my libido was through the roof, I never had the drop off and after week 6 of pct when I stopped using the forma I started back on the zmk and I have had no libido issues except for the days when the woman was the cause with her crazy attitude which you all know very well.

    So people can hate all they want and say I am lying or whatever they want but Forma works, you can clear your closet of the nolva and clomid and make something that you can obtain from a legit source while you still can and protect yourself.

    On cycle I gained about 15lbs and I have kept on 12lbs of it and I am about 10 weeks out right now here is where I finished, and the blood work papers just to show everyone.

    And the Blood work

  2. great post here.I've been waiting to see something like this.thanks bro this will open alot of eyes.

  3. If you guys read this, which you probably won't... check out this thread in the N2 forum. Big discussion going on over their. Same Thread, different forum

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