1. bulking

    i have 50 pills of clenbuterol 60 mg and am looking to bulk wiht it what should i get to pair it with to help this bulk?

  2. lol clen on a "bulk"
    how many threads are you going to make?

  3. well instead of criticizing me how about you tell me what i should do?

  4. Give the clen to you sister, and get hold of some D-bol, Deca Durabolin, and Anadrol

    Or save the clen until after uve run your bulk!

  5. should i stack dbol, anadrol, and deca duroblin ? and would i need to use cycle support while using it?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Basketball23 View Post
    should i stack dbol, anadrol, and deca duroblin ? and would i need to use cycle support while using it?

    Food, Milk, Creatine and hard work will be the best cycle for you dude!

    No offence mate but maybe you should take some the advice that was given to you back in 2008! Regarding your bulk thread you made And listen to it


    FOOD!!!!! good god, go with what you're missing......

    You dont need ANY supplements.
    Aside from that, why the fuk would anyone want to take a fat burner and a diuretic when they're trying to gain weight? Seems completely idiotic.

    All you need at the moment is food!

    bring all that stuff back and use the same money to go to the grocery store!

    Eat, Sleep, Lift....period!!!!!!

    you will gain size soon enough just eat, eat, eat.

    all you need is a GOOD DIET FIRST

    Theres 2 pages worth of that mate. Just saying!

  7. alright and so after i bulk i can use my clenbuterol after?

  8. Bro, you use clen for cutting. Why dont you listen to the advice that was given? Eat, sleep, workout, eat again. Once you hit a platue ad in creatine and protien. After thaat you can talk to some of the knowledgable people on this forum for some different training to use. In fact there is a "bulking" section that will help you with diet and training. And for gods sake stay away from any hormonals.


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