Rahl's gettin on with EpiStrong

  1. Rahl's gettin on with EpiStrong

    I'm a little late getting this log started but I got the cycle started Monday as planned.


    1-4 EPI 30/45/45/45
    1-8 HCGen 5ED
    3-6 Forma
    5-8 PostCycle Unleashed (Double)
    7-10 Sustain Topical

    AI Cycle Support throughout.
    Forged Joint Repair
    Fish Oils

    This is basically the last leg of my bulk. Starting weight is a little lower than I expected. I was off the last 2 week of December. My training stayed on but my diet was off and I dropped a few lbs.

    Starting Weight: 183
    Goal Weight: 195

    So far so good at day 4. Up to 186. I'm going to add creatine back in next week so that should bump me up a little anyway. I should be able to hit 190 easily. Beyond that the EPI is going to have to do some work.

    I've been having issues with tendinitis in my left forearm so that's a concern. I'm hoping the FJR and fish oils as well as daily slathering of skeletal balm can keep it in line. I am a little concerned about the overlap of EPI and Forma drying me out too bad. If it happens I'll drop the forma temporarily and bring it back in PCT.

  2. Day 5

    Weight: 185 (Up 2lbs)

    Leg Day

    Squats 4x8
    Leg Ext 3x10
    Leg Curl 3x10

    Arnold Press 3x10
    Lat Ext 3x8
    Bent Over Lat Ext 3x12

    Crazy, crazy shoulder pump. They were twitching. LOL. Overall pretty good. I'm draggin a little. I don't know yet if it's a lethargy issue or just because it was my first week back to work after 2 off. Probably that. We'll see what goes on in the next couple of days and adjust from there.

    Rest until Monday.

  3. great log so far though your want to put this in cycle section bro plus your get more views and etc.

  4. good luck on the 195, my money says you will get it!

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  5. Well bad report today. I'm sick. Like I feel like hell. Staying the course for now and hoping I feel better tomorrow. Wish me luck.



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