N2KTS 1st Week, Thank you Nathan!

  1. N2KTS 1st Week, Thank you Nathan!

    WOW.. I'm blown away, I had been posting about how I thought I was just not getting anything out of ANY pre-workout supplements anymore and I have pretty much tried them ALL. After one week with N2KTS I do not plan on ever working out again without it. My strength, and focus were the best they had been in a very long time. I've got a bad shoulder (bone spurs) but, a swear the N2KTS even made me forget about it when I was working out like a man possessed, people were probably thinking WTF, is up with that dude. Thursday and Friday I shared it with 2 other of my gym buddies and both are HOOKED now as well. I just ordered some Forged Joint Repair, and I'm waiting on the HCGenerate to get back in stocks. I think I'm going to be aneedtobuildmuscle addict now. Thanks again Nathan for putting faith back into this old mans mind of what quality supplements can do.

  2. Nice review. You'll love the Forged Joint Repair. I swear by it.

  3. thanks for the review and kind words.hope to hear your thoughts on Forged Joint Repair, and HCGenerate as well

  4. Truthfully I feel that skelletal balm works much faster and is a product that people rave about a lot more over the joint repair. YES THE JOINT REPAIR LIKE ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS WORKS OUTSTANDINGLY WELL. But Lets face facts everyone these days is a "I want results now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!) kind of person. With a joint repair product I am sorry no matter how good it is you are not going to get that. They have to build up over time and its takes at the very least 4 weeks to start noticing some of its effects and 6-8 weeks is what it really takes to get the effects from a product like forged joint repair.
    With the have it your way burger king America we have today. Products like forged joint repair to dont get the fair chance they deserve. The product works if you let it have the time to do its job. But half the people who take it stop taking it after 2 weeks maybe 3 max and then cry waaaaaaaa it did not help I want a refund. most who reach the end of week 3 or 4 love it and they are a customer of the product for life. In fact the product works so well that I have more then a few Chiropractor offices that order this and the balm in large bulk for there customers.

    But with the balm I put a instant pain killer in that bad boy that gives instant effects. Because of this people tend to stay on it longer and this allows for the prolonged healing effects to set in. If combining it with the joint repair its perfect for everyone

  5. Thanks for that, wish I had known before I ordered the joint repair but, no big deal, I'll go back and order the Balm because your 100% correct i need relief Now! Thanks again,

  6. ps.. any idea how long before HCGenerate is in stock, really ready to try that stuff as well...

  7. Nice review, I'm hoping to try this myself. Never used a 1,3 stim before.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy View Post
    Nice review, I'm hoping to try this myself. Never used a 1,3 stim before.
    1,3 is def a nice ride I think your get a kick out of it

  9. Great review bud!

    Love the feedback on this product

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mjonesjr8 View Post
    ps.. any idea how long before HCGenerate is in stock, really ready to try that stuff as well...
    hcgenerate will be back next week bro. Its on the production line now good friend.

  11. N2kTS continues to shine as a pwo, 2 scoops of N2KTS allows me to pull all-nighters.

  12. Great review man!!
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    "This is what we've been working on"


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