First off guys, I'd Like to thank Controlled labs for the opportunity to log this cool product. I am going to use the shots as the fat burning component of a recomp. I will be using the AM shot prior to breakfast and the PM just prior to bed of course. I train 5-6 days a week and 4 of those days I also actively lead bootcamp style PT sessions for my unit(USAF). 3 Days a week I train with weights and the other two are functional/plyo, 2-3 saturdays a month I teach a total body circuit class.

    Now for the product description:
    REDuction SHOTS
    Key Attributes:

    * Rapid release formula
    * Energy and Focus
    * Optimize metabolic rate
    * 24/7 fatloss
    * Fast results and muscle definition
    * Control cravings even at night
    * Improved sleeping patterns to enhance lean mass
    * Ephedrine Free
    * Yohimbe Free

    Now for Me:
    Age 30
    Height 74.5
    Weight 230
    Diet 3-4k cals per day
    Other supplements Natadrol, Neovar, Humapro, X-Factor Advanced, LIT-UP, whey/casein
    Lets get this party started!

  2. reserved for pics

  3. Day 1 6-7 Jan 11

    Ok so I took the PM shot last night and it mixed very well. The flavor was good too, kind of like a weak apple cider. I was already pretty tired by the time I took it, so I fell asleep pretty quick. I do feel that it improved the quality of my sleep, even though I didnt need much help getting there LOL. I was not groggy and I had no problem getting up.

    I took the AM shot this morning and once again it mixed well. The flavor was very similar to the PM shot and was equally good. I felt a smooth build up in my energy and alertness
    and then started to warm up a bit. By the time I left the house (30min later) the am shot was in full swing. I definitely helped me to wake up and lasted up until I took my pre-workout (from 6am-11am). I actually plan on trying it pre-workout and pre-bootcamp from time to time to see how it affects my workouts.

  4. Day 2 7-8 Jan 11

    Once again I was pretty smoked last night so I didnt need much help getting to bed. I took my PM shot and fell asleep about 20 min later. It was good to take it before a weekend day because i am able to sleep about 1-2 hrs more than normal. My sleep was really good and deep. I woke up without the alrarm clock and i was ready to rock!

    I took my AM shot about 20 min after i got up and it really hit me quick today. My energy and focus were better than the first day and i still got that warm feeling(rasp K). My energy stayed pretty constant/consistent for most of the day and never did I crash once it wore off. So far both of these shots seem to be doing what they are supposed to, and they are a good change in pace from popping pills. My bodyweight is the same and i will report once i have any loss/fluctuation.

  5. Day 3 8-9 Jan

    Ok so today was the first day i wasnt totally exhausted prior to taking my PM shot. I took it around 30 min prior to the time i would normally lay down on the weekend and it helped me doze off. I was sleep before i realized it which was good. I was afraid that for the first two days that i was so spent already that they didnt help me doze off. Today was the first true test of the shots calming effect. Still warmed up a bit so the thermo is still there and I am interested to see how this night time fat burning is going to pan out. My weight is still about the same and it will probably go up a bit as i tend to eat like a horse on the weekend(on purpose).

    The am shot was in full effect once again today...lots of energy and focus and definitely an increase i body heat. The energy lasted for quite a while and i was actually able to take a nap in the early afternoon(6hrs after dosing).

  6. Day 4 9-10 Jan

    Ok last night the PM shot put me down pretty good. The heat was still there and it only took me about 15-20 min to fall asleep. Pretty good stuff here!

    This morning, the energy didnt hit me quite as hard as the past couple of days, or maybe I was too busy at work to realize it? I was definitely focused warmer than usual. Energy was good till (6am-11am)preworkout time at which I dosed Lit-up.

  7. Day 5 10-11 Jan

    Once again, i was sooo burnt out that I dosed off before taking my PM shot. Once I got up to get in the bed, I got up and placed the shots i my mouth and swished it around with water. This worked pretty good, but I prefer the lighter taste of mixing it with some H20. All the effects are still there, and my sleep was on point. I would usually get up at about 2-3 am(randomly) but i hadnt done that in the past few nights...these shots are working well as far as that is concerned.

    I took my AM shots this morning and all was good...The energy was not quite as intense, but still good and the warmth/focus remained. Once again they lasted till pre workout time. I will try to take some pics this week, though my weight is still the same, I do feel that I am leaning out a bit. My goal is re-comp, so I am mostly concerned with the mirror. I will weigh in again at the one week mark.

  8. Day 6 11-12 Jan

    Ok last nights PM shots got me pretty good, I slept really deep an all of the effects were there as expected. I woke up refreshed and ready to rock. These shots are def worth a try for the sleep alone. I also find that I sweat a bit in my sleep as well, nothing crazy, just more than normal.

    The AM shots are starting to lose their kick for me so i am thinking about increasing the dose by 1/2-1 full scoop. i can still feel the increase in body heat, but the stim effect is not quite as strong as it was in the beginning. All in all still good, it is a fat burner not an energy product per se. I weighed myself today, at 229 which is one pound lower than I started. I am recomping so weight isnt my main focus, as long as i can at least maintain my weight and pack on some muscle I'm cool. i def feel leaner already, and the mirror agrees.

  9. Day 7 12-13 Jan

    Ok I increased the dose on the PM shot to 3 full scoops, and I did feel that my sleep was a bit deeper than on 2. All the other effects kicked in as usual and I think this is going to be my dose from here on out.

    3 scoops on the AM shot def made a difference in my energy and I will be using this as my dosage from here on out as well.

  10. Day 8 13-14 Jan

    PM shots dosed at 3 scoops= night night this is my dose from here on out!

    AM shots dosed at three scoops is the way to go for me! I am even thinking of taking them to work with me and taking a single shot prior to my PT session(wkout 2) for the day.

    I do apologize for the lack of posts over the weekend...I was got sick on Fri night and barely took any supps over the weekend. I will start the dosages stated above today 17 Jan 11.

  11. I've started dosing at 3 in the morning too and 3 at night. Definitely a sweet spot.

  12. I guess thats the 200lb and over dosage LOL!

  13. Day 12

    OK all sorry for the lack of Posts, I have been incredibly busy as of late. The last two days I have in fact dosed the Shots at 3 scoops per, the effects have been holding. I now also dose a sccop of AM before my second workout of the day(bootcamp style), it gives just enough kick to power through it but not enough to make me nauseous(lots of plyo/sprints etc). So this sup is perfect for this type of training for those looking for a bit of a boost prior to a more intense workout. I will probably go to psoting a few times a week or if I alter my dosage.

  14. 24 Jan 11 Day 17

    Ok so I am still dosing two total servings of the AM shots per day 3 in th AM and 1 before Bootcamp in the PM(about 6-8hrs later). I have def leaned up quite a bit, I really enjoy the Fat burning properties of this sup. My weight has only gone down about two pounds, but my goal here is to recomp and the shots are helping with that a lot.

    The PM shot dosage has been 3 heaping scoops and very enjoyable. You would think that it would take a much more complex ingredient profile to get the kind of sleep you get from these things LOL. It just goes to show that more is not always better, i have tried lots of sleep aids and this is one of my favs. It also helps burn extra that is def a win win for me!


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