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    Day 25 Cumulative Review
    Had a very nice back session again today and feeling stronger than ever after being sick, which forced me to deload for about 3-5 days

    1. Wide-Grip Pullups with a goal of 40-50 reps - 11-17.5-24.5-29.5-35.5-39.5-43.5.. all these are done from a dead hang and full peak contraction

    2. Seated Cable Row (close-grip) with slow ass negatives - 160 (5) (5) (5)160 (4), 70 (20)

    3. Lat Pulldown - 1 dropset to failure starting at 170 lbs

    4. 90 Degree Bent Over Row with minimal body english - 215 (5!!), (5) (5) (5) 135 - 15

    5. HS ISO Pulldown with slow negs and extra squeeze at bottom - 2plates per side; (5) (5), (5) (4.5) 1 plate (15)

    This pre workout is still delivering the damn goods!! I love it! Sadly, it is almost out

  2. How many scoops do you use?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  3. Hey bro I am now using 1.5 to 2 scoops. It's almost time for me to cycle off the stims again haha. But I just love the flavor so much that it gives me an excuse to drink it lol

  4. Best tasting pre-workout I've ever had..
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  5. the flavor is awesome!
    thanks for the support A and good stuff pilip

  6. Talking Day 27

    your welcome bro!!

    day 27 Cumulative Review

    Armaggedon day

    1. Under hand pull up without a dead hang - total of 41 reps

    2. BW dips only for reps - 50 total

    3. Barbell Curl - 75 (10), (9), (8) 65 (10) (10)
    ** 1 set of 21's with 55 lbs

    4. Tate Tricep extension - 35 lbs (8,7,7,7,6)

    5. Zottman DB Curl 1 set to failure with 22.5 lbs for 8 reps

    6. Tricep Bar Pressdown - 110 (10,10,10), 120 (8,8)

    All in all a very solid workout!! I have about 5-6 scoops left from what I can see it is a sad day indeed, but I'm gonna order another tub soon, one will be the caffeine free version and 1 will be a blue razzz baby!!!
  7. Talking Day 30 Last Review and Final review

    I want to thank the gang at MST for having me take this product and taking my workouts to a higher level!!

    Here is the final verdict and review

    Training Style: 5x5 with added volume

    40pro/30fat/30carbs right now

    Flavor profile: Crushing Punch

    Can't emphasize this enough, but you already know the story It tastes good, nuff said!

    11/10 = yes 11/10

    Crash factors:

    0 Crash factors for the entire duration of the run! Just subtle, let down of energy AFTER the gym which is good. You're mind slowly settles down and it's time to rest


    Strength levels: You can expect slight strength increases as the days go by! Don't be fooled by the placebo effect, it takes time.

    Rating 7/10

    Endurance levels:
    Things have gotten interesting!! The endurance levels are fully raised and the product TRULY shines here! This is one aspect of the product that delivers early on and gets better as times goes by

    11/10 YES!

    Pump factor:

    Pumps are good, not insane, but just good.

    7/10 (I feel this rating is fine, because this product delivers well on the endurance department)


    Vascularity is still prevalent, hard to say if this product was responsible for it.

    Rating: N/A at this point

    Price factor
    Buy this stuff already damn it!! Look at it this way. It's an investment into having killer workouts and skyrocketing endurance levels! DO IT!

    Overall rating so far:
    9.8/10!! A definite staple in the supplement arsenal !!!

    Thank you my friends!!!

  8. good review bro!

  9. thanks for the final review!


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