A Nerds honest review of N2KTS

  1. A Nerds honest review of N2KTS

    Hello all, I was one of the recipients of one of the many tubs of N2KTS that Need2 sent out for review. I received my tub a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to try it for a few days before making any judgements.
    The first thing I will mention is that I had tried a couple of sample packs in the past of the old flavor N2KTS and I thought it was ok. I did like the results but it was only really two or three times that I had tried it. So when I found out that there were new flavors I was looking forward to trying them out.
    I received the green apple flavor and it is a much better taste than the previous version in my opinion. I also found it to mix very well, there was nothing left floating in the glass or at the bottom. I only started out with one scoop as directed and I didn't get the flush that I did from the samples. What I did notice about 15-20 mins after taking it was the increased focus and desire to lift. I like a pre w/o to give me a nice clean energy with focus and not make me jittery. This was exactly what I got from N2KTS, with each set I wanted to try a little more weight and push my limits while not getting distracted by anything else going on around me. This stuff put me IN THE ZONE, not just the first time but each time I took it.
    I have tried quite a few other pre w/o drinks in the past and I can honestly say that nothing has given me the results that I am looking for like N2KTS has. I am not the easiest guy to please with supplements. I expect alot for my hardearned money and Need2 has really delivered something special with this stuff.
    I would like to thank Nate for giving me the opportunity to try this and I hope that all of you will give it a try as well. I don't think that you will be disappointed.

  2. Great review buddy and thanks for taking the time to write this out!

  3. well written review here thanks

  4. Great review, thanks man

  5. Glad you love it bro



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