1. 1st cycle NEED HELP PLEASE

    ok first I'm 31 yrs old,6ft, 205 lbs, 18%bf, been lifting for years never gear though only many PH cycles. I know how to Eat and train but now wanna take it to the next level. I recently got the following supps and this is ALL i have and after hours of studying i KNOW i am probably missing some quanity and other items but I need to know how to best cycle what I do have for I CANT GET anything else now.

    I have DANABOL.DS 10mg x 200 Tablets
    i have SUSTANON 250. 12 x Ampules x 250mg/ml.
    I have (Clomid)10 Tablets x 50mg

    So please I need help but not a bunch of advise on what I need to add, unless it is otc, i cant get anything else, trust me. so if you had these items in your drawer how can I best use them? any help is appreciated!!

  2. not going to like the answers...

  3. well i need help man, i will wait if its that bad...im not going to waste my time just need some help being a rookie...

    will you help me out?

  4. My suggestion would be to take your time...do the research. It is very easy to learn. Google is your friend. Check out some other logs...read about others experiences, then maybe learn from their mistakes, etc. You WILL need to get more in the way of PCT, or do not do the cycle.

  5. Naw kickin, he isnt in that bad of shape. You just have about 2x as much dbol as u need, half as much sust and 1/3 enough clomid. You are also missing a few things.

    If you haven't read this - Unreal's Guide to Injectables - then read it next.

    You could run sust at 500mg/wk for 12 weeks, use the dbol as a kick start at 50mg ED for first 4 weeks. In general, running straight test for a first cycle is best. People have mixed feelings about sust. It is a mix of esters so you get a little test p right away, then some test c, then some test e. I would recommend you save the dbol for your next cycle and run straight sust. Get at least twice as much as you have so you can run 500mg for 12 weeks.

    Support supps, cycle support from AI is good. PCT should start 2 weeks after last inject. Clomid is good serm, run 200mg for 3 days then 150 for 4 days, then 100/50/25 over 3 weeks step down. PCT also natural test booster, sustain alpha, cortisol control, lean xtreme, support supps, AI's post cycle support, creatine, and a preworkout supp.

    If I think of anything else I'll come back to post more. PM questions or post em here and read the thread I sent you above.
    Back.... for real this time



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