Legacy's Somnidren GH Ultra (caps) log (sponsored)

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  1. Legacy's Somnidren GH Ultra (caps) log (sponsored)

    I won't officially start logging this product until Tuesday evening, but I figured i'd go ahead and do an "About Me" and post some numbers up.

    Age: 21
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 196lbs
    Body Fat: 12%
    Training: 8 years lifting, 7 years wrestling, 16 years martial arts, 10 years football.

    Current Maxes:
    Squat: 440 PL style, 400 ATG
    Deadlift: 485 Sumo, 440 Conventional
    Bench Press: 330
    Military (strict): 185
    Pull up: BW+135x1

    Right Bicep: 17.5
    Left Bicep: 17.25
    Right Quad: 26
    Left Quad: 25.5
    Waist (around navel): 34.25
    Chest: 43
    Right Calf: 16
    Left Calf: 16
    Neck: 17.75

    I'm currently recomping. I lost about 20 pounds in 16 weeks, but for some reason my weight has gone up about 6 pounds in the last two weeks. This isnt a huge deal, because I don't seem to be much if any fatter. I'd like to stay around this weight while dropping into the single digit body fat %age. My main priority through training is to get consistently stronger, muscle mass is just a welcomed byproduct. Its hard to explain my current lifting routine, but if you follow the log you should get a good feel for it over the next few weeks. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask.

    Pics will be going up tuesday evening.

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone who has given me the chance to log this product. I'm definitely looking forward to this opportunity. I will be pushing myself to the max throughout this entire log. If there is anything else that you would like me to do, just let me know.

  2. Ok, I just moved this log to supplement review section. I honestly didn't even know there was a section for this.. Oh well, hopefully this will be better.

  3. I decided to go ahead and start the log a day earlier than originally planned. I had a really good workout yesterday and I thought I may need a little extra help with recovery.

    Yesterday's Workout:

    Military: 95,105,115,125,135,125,130,135 ,125,130,135,125,130,135,125x3
    Military grip Shrugs: 95,105,115,125,135,125,130,135 ,125,130,135,125,130,135,125x8
    Incline Bench: 215,205,210,215,205,210,215,20 5,210,215,205x3
    Facepulls: 105x3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3
    Flat Bench: 265,255,260,265,255,260,265,27 5x5,245x3
    BW Rows:x8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8,8

    I felt really strong today for some reason. Everything went up really easy. Just to make things clear, every set of military, incline, and flat bench was done for 3 reps, except for the one set of flat bench where its listed at 5 reps. This is the hardest week of my workout, involving the most sets. Next week the weight will go up 5-10lbs and the sets will be reduced.

    OK somnidren time: I took the 5 caps of somnidren GH last night about half an hour before planned sleep. I hadn't really noticed any of the breathlessness or flushed feeling from the GABA. I did start feeling really relaxed after about 15 minutes of taking the product and this really calm/relaxed feeling stayed with me until I fell asleep. For some reason, my libido went through the roof at about 20 minutes post dosing.. I'm sure this was just a freak thing, but it is what kept me from falling asleep sooner.

    Once I fell asleep I instantly started dreaming. I probably had 100 different dreams last night, which was pretty awesome. especially since I can never remember dreaming normally. Unfortunately I was really hot so I kept waking up every five minutes till about 2:30.. I had went to bed at about 11:30. At 2:30 i went up took a piss, and stood on the cold tile floor to cool me down, I stripped the comforter off the bed and laid back down. I didn't wake up again till 10 am. Usually its impossible for me to sleep over 9 hours. I was surprised at how easy i fell back to sleep after I woke up to take a piss. I felt wide awake and I was sure that I wasnt going to be sleeping anytime soon. I even considered starting the review... Glad I didn't because I got some good sleep after that.

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  8. Day 2

    I just woke from a somnidren induced coma. It was quite amazing. For some reason though, this stuff does not put me to sleep like I was expecting. Maybe its my own anticipation that is keeping me awake. But i took the 5 caps and laid in bed on my comp till i got tired. After an hour of sitting on my computer i still wasn't tired, however, my resting heart rate had dropped a few beats, so I was definitely relaxing. I put the computer away and laid down to go to sleep. It took me about 5 minutes to fall asleep, which sounds great, but I usually fall asleep in about 30 seconds... literally.

    Once I was asleep, I was out. I had a few dreams, nothing compared to last night, but I definitely had a few dreams that I can remember. I went to sleep at around 2:00am, I woke up at 8:30 because the sun was shining in. I was instantly wide awake and alert. I decided I wasnt ready to get up yet, so I laid my head back down. I was out in 5 minutes and didnt wake up till 12:30! Thats awesome for me. I usually can't make myself sleep that late. Once my eyes opened, I was wide awake again. I feel great this morning.

    I won't be able to workout today, because my scholarship money hasn't came in yet, and my school won't let me "confirm attendance" for some reason. Hopefully this will be taken care of by tomorrow and I can start hitting it hard and heavy.
  9. Before Pics!

    Before pics. Probably not the best lighting, but at least it should be consistent with the lighting for the final pics.
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  10. i think we need a preface of: WARNING DUDE PICS
    when my wife walks in and I'm lookin at dude pics, I can't help but assume she's concerned, lol.

  11. lol, well it said i needed before and afters... i figure those are good befores...

    if I could go back and place a post between day 2 and those pics i'd throw a warning in.. its probably too late now though, lol.

  12. Day 3:

    OK, this stuff works a little too good for sleeping... i went to bed 3:30, yea yea I know its late, i took the somnidren at 3:00 am. I woke up at 11am and decided to just lay around for a bit.. Next thing i know its 1:30 and i'm getting a phone call that wakes me up.. This stuff doesn't really knock me out, however my eyes did start getting heavy last night after dosing. No euphoric feeling, just relaxed. Also, when i woke up at 11am, i didnt feel tired when I got up. I felt wide awake and ready to start the day. I just decided to lay around in my nice warm bed. then I was out for two and a half more hours.. Good stuff so far.

  13. Yesterday's Workout:

    Oly Squat: 225,255,275,295,275,285,295,27 5,285,295,275,285,295,275x3
    Rack Deads: 225,315,365,385,405

    I couldn't finish the regular workout. I was feeling sick at my stomach yesterday. I was running to the bathroom between sets trying not **** my pants. Everything felt heavier than it should have. I'm assuming this is because I wasn't feeling good. Today, will be better though. The squat workout will be the same. The deadlifts will be different, and bench press will be added.

  14. Day 4: Sleep

    Last night I took the somnidren and laid down in bed and got on my laptop for a while. About an hour post dosing I still couldnt feel any effects, so I laid down and tried to sleep. It took me about half an hour to get to sleep. Definitely way longer than I'm used to. i won't blame it on the somnidren. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I was only awake for 13 hours yesterday... Also, next time I dose the somnidren i'm not going to wait to get the sleepy feeling, i'm just going to take it, wait 20 minutes and go to sleep. we'll see if this lets me get to sleep faster.

    Although it took a while to get to sleep, once I was out, I was OUT. I slept great. I woke up after getting 7 hours of sleep, because of a phone call. This time I decided i should go ahead and get up and not sleep ALL day. The coolest thing about this product so far is that I have no grogginess when I wake up in the mornings. When my eyes open, i'm wide awake and ready to go. This doesnt even happen when i'm not taking anything. Also, I feel really well rested today, more so than normal.

  15. I think sleep aids work better if you take them a few min before bed. I notice if I take ANY type of sleep aid or sleeping pill (even my ambien) and wait for the sleepy feeling or "buzz" before laying down they don't have the same effect.

    Log looks good I'm defiantly interested in this product.

  16. staked: thanks for the heads up, i'll definitely be keeping that in mind.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Legacyfighter View Post
    staked: thanks for the heads up, i'll definitely be keeping that in mind.
    The caps don't "knock me out" per se....but with the powder I used to take it and then wait to barely be able to stay awake. My limbs would tingle and I would be OUT. That has only happened maybe 3 times out of my 12 or so uses with the caps....so you MAY have that happen sometime soon, but maybe not too haha.
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  18. CTDeuce: I really hope that feeling comes. It would be nice to actually feel it kick in. Any chance that it would be ever be ok for me to uncap the five pills, throw it in about 4oz of water and down it? Just to try one time, lol.

    I'm regretting starting this log as soon as I did. I had a bad workout yesterday. I had every intention of making up for it today, and the gym closed due to snow! the roads were all clear! These kind of setbacks really upset me... What makes things worse is that the gym will be closed this weekend as well. So we are looking at day 8 of around 30 before I really start to get into the swing of things. I'll be dosing tonight, but none this weekend. Next week should be back to 2 a day lifting sessions, and a cardio session. That should definitely make up for what has lacked this first week.

  19. I haven't dosed the Somnidren for the last 3 days, and to be honest, I don't think I should start dosing again till tomorrow night or thursday night.. The reason for this is that my school has been shut down for the last several days due to snow. We are supposed to be getting even more snow tonight and tomorrow.. which means the gym may not even be open till thursday or later. In order to give a fair evaluation of this product I feel like i should not start taking it until I know I can be back in the gym. If this is a problem, please let me know. I want to give a fair evaluation and have progress pics that show progress. If i can't workout and i'm taking somnidren I won't be able to discuss many of the aspects of the supplement. Please let me know what you think I should do. I'm sorry this log has been an inconvenience so far.

  20. So, the last three days I have not been taking somnidren. I can honestly say that sleep is soooo much better with the somnidren. I fall asleep faster without the somnidren, but the sleep is so much better quality. Without somnidren, I've had no dreams that I can recall, i wake up feeling groggy and still tired. I have felt more tired throughout the day. Honestly, after only 4 days of use, Somnidren has made me realize that my normal night sleep is garbage compared to a somnidren induced slumber... Really enjoying this stuff so far.

  21. interesting that you fall asleep faster without the somni.
    the caps work well, they just don't hit as fast as the powder.
    i still prefer the caps

  22. Still wondering if I should continue this log monday or tomorrow...

  23. I had to stay out of the gym today because I had some pretty weird sh*t go down last night.. I was watching the NCG last night and for some reason i started getting really REALLY cold. I was shaking uncontrollably. Shaking so hard that i could barely talk and that it almost caused me to throw up. At the time I was wearing 2 shirts, 2 jackets, and a beanie and I was inside a house that was around 70 degrees... As soon as the game was over I rushed home and sat about 6 inches away from a space heater. I sat there for 15 minutes and was still shaking uncontrollably and was freezing. I also had a pounding headache, coordination and balance were off, things looked foggy, and I was beginning to get tunnel vision. I drove myself to the hospital and checked myself into the ER. Shortly after checking myself in, i started getting really really warm. During the initial evaluation they checked my temp at 104, my pulse was 130 (usually its about 50), my BP was elevated, and I had veins popping out in my neck. They tested me for flu, strep, mono, and several other things, all of which came back negative.. They had no clue what was wrong with me... So they then decided to do a CT scan, in case I had a brain hemorrhage, I had over half the symptoms of it... CT scan also came back negative. During this entire time they were filling me with fluids to help with dehydration. After my CT scan, I go back into my room and my temp is down to 100. After all my results are back they release me, having no clue what was wrong with me. I get home at about 5am, and went to bed. Woke up with a slight headache this morning, but definitely much better than last night. The doc specifically told me not to work out today, no matter how good I was feeling... ugh. Sooo, hopefully I'll be back in the gym tomorrow.

    Just to make this clear, this was in no way related to the somnidren, as I have not taken it in 5 days now.

  24. jesus dude, I hope you're feeling better. I had a situation like that once that was actually brought on by an energy drink. They had to do a spinal tap and all just to make sure everything was alright. It was intense.
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    I'm in, bro.

    And just read your post from last night - that's awful. I hope you're feeling better and it's a one time fluke that doesn't come back again.
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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