Ran PUMP-BOL by Thermolife for one month, here's how it went:

Taste: 8.5
One of the best tasting pre-workouts i've tasted, and i've tried a lot. It tastes very similar to Sunny-D orange drink, with the sourness of Tang, a powder drink that was really popular 10 years ago. It is both sweet and sour, and fortunately I love these kind of flavors. If you don't like sour flavoring, it may be a bit over powering. The only reason I didnt give it a 9 is because it is very sour when I'd prefer it to be more sweet

Mixability: 9
I always used a shaker bottle, mixing about 12 oz water with 2 scoops pump-bol. It always mixed very well with nothing leftover after drinking. I did not notice any grittiness or particles like I do in some pre-workouts

Profile: 10
I really like the ingredients Thermolife chose to use. It is a non-prop blend so you can see exactly what you are getting. I like the beta alanine nitrate, arginine nitrate, and creatine malate. I got great pumps with the nitrates during my workout. I love the BA tingle as well, i'd feel this only 10-15 minutes after drinking

Final rating: 9
This is definitely a non-stim pre-workout that I will come back to. I like to take a 2 week break from stims every month. Actually, one of the great benefits to non-stims is that you can stack with stim products as long as you dont overdose it. For example, I will try 1 scoop ASGT with 1 scoop pump-bol so that I get both the pump (pbol) and energy (asgt) all at once. My strength definitely went up over the past month, adding a couple of reps to my bench and squat. I highly recommend this!!