BIG RAND's Initial Lit up review

  1. Smile BIG RAND's Initial Lit up review

    Ok just tried Lit Up for the first time today. First of all the taste was a bit stronger than I expected(dosed @ 2 scoops), but still pretty good for a supplement of this nature. I actually just added more water until it thinned out a bit. The stim kick is nice and smooth, with a ton of focus. Never once did I feel overly stimulated which is a good change of pace. I loves me some hard hitting stims now!(LOL), but this was very balanced and helped power me through my workout without being overbearing. I felt that my endurance was enhanced as well which was a perfect match for the focus i got with this product, I felt as though I was very in tune with my muscles. As far as the pump is concerned, it was much better than expected. I would actually describe it as more of a fullness than just a cosmetic pump. I wasnt expecting much from a product without any of the typical "pump/no" ingredients, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. Finally the energy/focus lasted for about 1.5 hours after my workout and just smoothly dissipated with no crash. Overall I really dig this "outside the box" pre-workout product so far and I am excited to to feel the cummalative results. Thanks APPNUT for such a well thought out/balanced product.

  2. Thanks for the review!

    Yes, the taste is a little strong. We are now suggesting 10 ozs of water for each scoop.

  3. Still good though...and thats pretty close to what i used (about 12oz) last. I am digging the product thus far though!

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