Stacked gets smacked - FAT SMACK (sponsored)

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  1. Stacked gets smacked - FAT SMACK (sponsored)

    Alright! Sorry for the delay guys and thanks Puris Labs for letting me log Fat Smack. let's get caught up here.

    I'm a pretty heavy stim user and noticed the directions say take 1 cap twice a day :/ I would like to take 2 am 2pm or 1am 2 pm but that would only make the bottle last for about 2-3 weeks so I'll stick to 1&1 unless I get permission to up it.

    Day 1
    I dosed 1am and 1 pre workout and didn't notice much of a stim effect. I will say the I did sweat a little more then usual so the thermo effect is already noticeable.

    Today was day two and I slept in so I took 2 servings pre workout. Thumbs up! 2 servings is pretty sweet. Not a full out buzz but nice clean energy (3 caps would be great pre workout lol)

    This is the only stim i will be using during the log. I make my own Pre workout drink so I'll cut the caffeine and 1,3 methly for now.

    I'm gonna try to do fasted cardio first thing upon waking 3 days in addition to the cardio I do after weights.

    Weighed in today at 231

  2. 1st in Bro

    Let's see how this treats ya...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Hookset View Post
    1st in Bro

    Let's see how this treats ya...
    Sir, Welcome aboard!

  4. Still dosing 1 Am and then 1 pre work out. Not noticing much in the stim department, but my abs looked slightly more defined this morning.

    Today is cardio I'll step on the scale after.

  5. In fro the smacking of the fat
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  6. Dosed the Fat Smack 30 mins after meal then headed to gym. 45 mins cardio kept the heart rate between 145-167 AVG 150. Sipped on BCAAs during as always.

    Thermo effect is very good. I was on fire lol sweating like a wh0re in church! The gym was a little warmer the usual with all the new years resolution J&CK A$Ses!

    No appetite suppression at all

    Stim - nice energy but I'm not getting the buzz I LoVE!

    I noticed yesterday and today I crashed after my workout. I haven't had a fat loss / stimulate do that to me in a while. I'm thinking it's from the low dose maybe? PLEASE let me take 2 pre workout but if not that's cool I understand the rules of a sponsored log.

    I think this is a completely different stim feeling compared to all the other fat loss / stims I've used. Looking forward to talking it in the morning... I'm only gonna get about 5 hours of sleep.

  7. First person it didn't crush appetite haha but we all react differently.

    Per your question and PM: Dose it any way you please buddy! Nice to have some feedback on different dosages etc. This isn't official Purus policy but I have the authority to (I guess? Maybe? Who cares lol) try it any way you want.

    I will PM you the stimulant dosages in a minute if I can on my phone to get an idea.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  8. Thanks for the PM and letting me get my buzz on!

    I took one serving (2 caps) and what a deference!

    Thermo is up - I'm steaming up the car windows!

    Shoulders and cardio in the evening I'll update after the workout.

  9. In on this, Fat Smack has my interest.

    StakedCop, what are your goals with this, decreased bf%, lbs etc... or take to maintain and assist during w/o

  10. I want to drop some more body fat. I wouldn't call this a "cut" because my work schedule is just to intense for a low calorie diet. It seems whenever I cut carbs I get sick. So what I've been doing is low carbs 3 days a week, 3 medium carbs and on leg day I carb up.

    I'm 6'1 231 would like to get down to 225 by the end of fat smack. I would say this should be no problem at all.

    Also would like to use Fat smack for fasted cardio in the AM.

  11. Oh and most importantly get my BUZZ on!

  12. Fat Smack is a completely deferent type of energy that I have never had from a stim before. It is very crisp, clean, alert, and focused feeling. Not the crazy buzz that makes me wanna go ape sh!t on the weights but a little more claim and still very noticeable. I must say I really do like the feeling. Rest assured knowing I will try 3 and MAYBE even 4 caps in one serving near the end of the run to get a good idea of how those dosages effect the overall stim related "high".

    Took 2 caps before workout - Weight session was good and by the time I was done my shirt was dripping with sweat. Strength was also up.

    Cardio - now I was only planning on doing 20 mins due to time but ending up doing 40 mins. Kept the heart heart between 135-164 AVG was 147. Do get a good assessment of how FS effect my cardio I'm gonna TRY to do fasted cardio upon waking at least 1-2 times a week. Overall it was a good cardio session-extra soaked.

    Even at 2 full servings my appetite was not disturbed. I'm kinds glad though because I hate forcing my self to eat!

    About one hour after my morning dose I began to feel very warm and even started sweating a bit.

  13. In for this. Hope the smack is treating you as good as it has treated me bro. Good luck!

  14. Yesterday

    Dosed 2 caps am aprox 1 hour after meal # 1 - energy lasted for about 4 hours before fading. I didn't crash by any means but I did start to feel tired. That's the first time the energy didn't last until my 2nd serving.

    Took another 2 caps pre workout did weights for and hour or so (arm day). Energy was focused. My strength is also up. Did 45 mins cardio kept the heart rate between 130-164 AVG 147.

    Thermo effect was slightly less.

    Appetite suppression started at my post workout meal. I the first 4oz of steak went down fine but had to force the other 5oz down along with the brown rice and veggies.

    Side note - I have been having stomach cramps every time I've done cardio since I started Fat Smack. Usually do not cramp during cardio and my cardio has been less intense then normal.

  15. I've been out the game with the stomach flu. Gonna try to workout today but no pills

  16. Wow, completely missed this log, hope you feel better soon. I am really liking Fat Smack, but I'm very sensitive to stims.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    I've been out the game with the stomach flu. Gonna try to workout today but no pills
    Hope you get better soon, stomach bugs are never fun

  18. Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    I've been out the game with the stomach flu. Gonna try to workout today but no pills
    Had this too was terrible.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  19. Thanks guys

    I went to the gym today.... Bad idea lol

  20. I'm back

    But still not 100%.... stomach is still a little sensitive so meals are small. For the past 5 or 6 days I've had very little protein while mostly eating brown rice.

    Tuesday morning I woke up with a NASTY respiratory infection. Went to the doc and got the Pro Air inhaler and it worked wonders!

    Today's my first day back at work and hopefully I'll make it to the gym. I'll weigh myself before working out but I don't think I lost much weight from the flu... If anything it looks like i gained some fat around my midsection haha

    Took 2 caps of fat smack after breakfast which marks my first serving since Friday. To my surprise not to much energy but I still have a little of this bug in me.

  21. supped

  22. Glad to hear your starting to feel better. Don't rush back though, I made that mistake about a month ago, and it set me back about another 7-10 days.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by bludevil View Post
    Glad to hear your starting to feel better. Don't rush back though, I made that mistake about a month ago, and it set me back about another 7-10 days.
    I'm afraid I might have rushed it... We'll see how I feel tomorrow I guess!

  24. Rest and fluids bud, most important thing in your situation.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    Rest and fluids bud, most important thing in your situation.
    I know I know I'm just a meat head what can I say!



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