Controlled Labs Blue Giant stack abreviated version

  1. Controlled Labs Blue Giant stack abreviated version

    Hi all I started a log a couple weeks ago for Controlled Labs Blue Gene,Blue Up and Blue Growth stack found here Boatcop's going BLUE with CL's Blue Giant stack! (sponsored)

    Unfortunalty right before Xmas i started experiencing some back pain just below my neck, after a visit to Doc it was determined i pinched a nerve. So my training is being placed on the back burner for a while.

    I would like to at least give my experience with the first 10 days.

    Strengh: probably not on it long enough but toward the 9-10th day I was noticing my workouts were getting easier and i did not want to leave the gym .

    Libido: Stayed pretty level throughout the run. I have run Blue Gene before as a stand alone and I can say confidently that you better watch out when it's at 100% effectivness wich for me was week 4-6 = holy crap!

    Sleep: with the addition of Blue Growth I did notice that my sleep was deeper almost immediatly. I was having some sleep issues before i started and BG helped in this area pretty good. At first there was a little lag in the morning but that went away pretty quick.

    Energy: My workouts start with CL White Flood so I am always pretty amped up in the gym, but as stated before toward the end i was starting to feel that uncontrolable urge/desire to stay in the gym and maybe set up a cot in the corner to sleep there as well.

    Mood: Very good. I noticed for some reason or another I am a little sensitive to Tribulus (mild anxiety) so i trimmed back the Blue Up dosage to 1 cap per day and was fine. I noticed while on Blue Gene I was always a little more "confident" or "alpha" i really cannot explain it that well but the sense of well being was second to none.

    Gains: This is depressing because with my diet where it was at I was seeing some lean gains. I started the log at i believe 199 and at day 10 i was around 204-205 i believe. I know diet had a lot to do with it but man the potential was there for the taking.

    With that being said this is just a minor hiccup and i will be back. I am going to really nurse this and do it right. Training is too important to me to risk any future agrivation or injury.

  2. Awesome review my man, thank you for the update!!!! Can't wait to see when you get back from your injury, if the results are THAT good, they'll be even better when you get back!!!

  3. Nice quick review. Hope you heal up fast!

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