Phytoserm-347 blood tests in the works

  1. Phytoserm-347 blood tests in the works

    Started taking this product at two caps a day preferably I plan to dose eight hours apart and will be taking this till I run out then run two bottles of TROPINOL.

    I will be getting my bloods done in two weeks from today then again once I start tropinol so if your interested or not I was planning on getting my bloods done regardless. (No recent bloods taken before starting cycle) For those saying its over 300 to get your full panel then your right but you don't exactly need all that a basic female panel is around 60 and it shows everything I'm looking for at this point.

    Age: 24
    Weight: 225
    BF% Thirteen
    Height: 5'Ten

    BTW my one button on my keyboard went out :P

    No one cares I'm sure but my AB coaster should be coming in the mail today

  2. Thumbs up

    Im in. This should be interesting.

  3. OK its been a week since starting and all to report so far is a much stronger libido. I wasn't planning to post this but I'm harder then I was on test prop for whatever its worth I thought I'd share.

    Thoughts on AB coaster its the best AB workout I've ever gotten each time I've used it.

    Yesterday I wrote this review just before walking in the gym and I thought I'd share that experience and whats new.

    PR on everything I did
    450 rack shrugs front and back 5 reps/2 sets (I started from one 45 on each side and went up so I was pretty tired by the time I got to 450 and I don't count bar)
    Pull ups-20 rep sets with 40 pound db between legs
    Dips 20 rep sets with db between legs
    Full stack tri push down ( I could already do this but now I can do it all day)
    70 pound db curls, I actually don't like db curls but now I want to get up to curling one twenty

    Since yesterday me and the wife go at it five times a day and she says its the hardest its ever been and seems longer. Yes this sounds nice and dandy but I'm getting sore in that area from all the sex so watch out.

    Weight has stayed the same I'm 225 at the moment and would love to get below ten percent body fat so I'm going to start taking need to slin after my blood test next week.

  4. This sounds great after only a week. I have Tropinol on hand for after my upcoming cycle and I hope the trop compares to what your getting from the Phyto. Can't wait for the bloods...

  5. Update in the works?

  6. Awesome my man and glad you are getting the Pr's like 99% of all the other guys have been. Looks great and thanks for the log too. Keep me in the loop good bro and send me a pm every once in a wile if you do not mind. I would love to follow along with your log when I can.


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