asgt makes me feel sick

  1. asgt makes me feel sick

    Hey peeps ive been using asgt pre workout and finished my first tub and I have to say it does work and im not knocking the product however I got bad sides it upset my stomach a little and made me feel sick .... I dunno why ive never used anyother pre workouts I reallydidnt like the taste and maybe thats why it made me sick I also noticed that after taking it I used to sweat like a pig .....

    Is it simply that pre workouts are not for me or is it something in this product did anyone else get bad sides ????

    Again im sorry to LG I did see results on this but it did make me feel ill.

    Would it be worth me trying another pre workout or should I stay away due to my sides ???

  2. Its the combo of Psarms and dextrose that is tearing up your stomach which is found in AGST, every now and then I get stomach pain from AGSST.
    If u don't want something heavy on the stomach, I suggest either N2KTS or Mesomorph with plenty of water to avoid dehydrated sides.

  3. OP, same exact problem. Made me feel like i was going to vomit profusely the first several times i used it (sick as a dog for 45 min after drinking)... then i got used to it but i needed 3 servings to feel anything

  4. You guys can't finish it up, I'll take it....ASGT treats me very well...guess I'm lucky as there isn't much that upsets my stomach

  5. I got sick my self and was always sick for a good 10 minutes and yes taste is not the best.



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