1st post, 1st log, Natadrol Stack.

  1. 1st post, 1st log, Natadrol Stack.

    I am brand new to this forum (about 17 minutes old). I am sick of spending money on supplements that do not seem to work at all (the fancy expensive creatines, the hottest new this or that) etc etc, and I want to try something real, and get real results. I am only 19 so I ruled out PH mostly from fear of the unknown, but I only took a half step down. I bought the stack today and will begin tomorrow unless i get any major objections from the experienced athletes on the forum. Any advice is welcome, and desperately desired.
    Age: 19
    Weight: 150.4lbs
    Goal: 160lbs
    %Bf: 12ish
    Vo2 Max: 64
    Body Style: Ecto.. hence the name
    Other Supps: Whey Isolate, GNC Pro multi, Casein
    Fitness Plan:

    I am currently following an eccentric contraction training program given to me by my personal trainer who i trained with when I did competitive tennis in the juniors (dont laugh). I have had tremendous strength gains on this program.. my 1 rep bench went from a squirmy form 205 to a clean 225 in THREE weeks. As follows: ..all rest in between sets is between 1 and 2 minutes.

    day 1
    Flat BB bench: 2 warmup sets, 3 working sets where a spotter counts down from 5 as I fight 125% of my 1rep max down to my chest, where the spotter helps me as little as possible back up. 3 sets of 4.
    BB Squat: Same deal. 125% of max down for a 5 count with a spotter to work it back up.
    DB lunges Regular lifts, with dbs on each side, 3 working sets to 7 reps (failure).

    day 2, shoulders/arms/abs (regular lifts)
    Shoulder press 3 sets of 6
    Lateral raise to front raise 2 sets to 6
    Barbell curls 3 sets to 6
    Dumbbell curls 2 sets to 6
    Pushdowns 3 sets to 6
    Skull Crush 3 sets to 6
    Weighted dip 2 sets to 6
    Hang Leg Raise 3 sets to failure

    day 3: light cardio, 25 mins, probably light intervals

    day 4: Same as day 1.

    day 5: Back/Abs
    Deads 3 sets to 6
    weighted wg pullup 2 sets to 6
    B.over Rows 2 sets to 6

    Med ball crunch 2 sets 50 reps super set with
    Med Ball Russian Twist 2 sets 50 reps

    V-ups 1 set to failure

    day 6: cardio, light, 15 mins or so.

    day 7: rest.

    I will be on a bulking diet. I want to get big and strong, without putting on a lot of fat. I am seriously considering competing in the 12 week transformation over at BB.com (laugh.. i wouldnt blame you. but I am in college so if there is $$ involved, I'm in) I will post before and after pictures as well.

    Cycle Plan: 12 weeks total. I have heard that it is best to do a 5wo day, 2 rest day cycle, which I plan to carry out for 8 weeks (and then however many days until I run out), followed by PCT with the formadrol at 4 per day. I will simply follow the directions for the Hcgenerate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am very nervous about all this. LG reps chime in!

    I will keep probably daily updates, at least weekly. Thanks!!

  2. glad to see all the interest. jp. anyway I decided to start with just 2/2 per day for the first week just to see how things get started. took 2 this am with breakfast and 6 sprays of GHen.

    No eccentric contraction though. no spotter just regular lifts

    flat BB bench:
    3x6 @ 215

    3x6 @ 230

    3x7 with 65s

    all of these were not including warmup sets.. 2 each per lift.

    obviously cannot feel anything from the stack yet. will keep updated.

  3. subbed for this

    I'm getting ready to do the Trifecta and looking for your results from this to possibly run it next year at some point.

    Welcome to AM

  4. I just re-read the Natadrol specs.

    What made you choose this stack, if you don't mind me asking.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Hookset View Post
    subbed for this

    I'm getting ready to do the Trifecta and looking for your results from this to possibly run it next year at some point.

    Welcome to AM
    Thanks man. I almost went the Trifecta but I did not want to do PH.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hookset View Post
    I just re-read the Natadrol specs.

    What made you choose this stack, if you don't mind me asking.
    I have been trying really hard (strict bulk 4k cal diet, varying weight training, low reps super high intensity) to get bigger for like 14 months now. Granted I got way stronger, and put on about 17lbs, but I have been discouraged with the amount of fat, water weight, etc. I was using BCAA, crea mono, whey and casein, a multi, fish oil, and a pre workout. I felt as thought I was not getting the results I should be, but I did not want to take the full leap to PH. Thus I went with the natadrol, for probably less money than I would spend to gain a dry 8ish lbs with regular supps.

    before pics up soon.

  6. Day 1 Complete.

    Did not feel too good with the workout, but probably because I got only 6 hours of sleep and had to work out at 6am. I am doing 2 caps breakfast, 1 cap lunch, 1 cap dinner.

    3 working sets on bench as planned, got my goal, upped the squat to 240.

    The only thing I am noticing so far is the hunger. I am skinny with a fast metab as it is, but this is somewhat absurd. I have already put away 3k calories and I still havent had dinner. At least I know it is doing something... way faster than I would have expected though, and I know it isnt placebo because I have been on a reasonably strict cut the past 3 weeks at 2.5k cals a day.

    Will try to do pics tonight. only other thing I noticed was I am thirsty. all. the. time. drank 1.2 gallons today so far and counting

  7. Sounds like the kind of response your looking for(hunger+strength)

    Go eat!!!


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