Products By Betancourt Nutrition

Flavor: 1/5
This stuff tastes pretty bad. I'm sorry to have to say it, but it just does not even come close to the majority of good tasting protein available today. It's like something out of the late ninties, maybe early 2000s. Smells like the protein powder section of an independent health food store. Taste is very chemical and lingers for fahking ever so you bette rhave some gum ready. The texture is sort of gummy and mucusy. Sorry Betancourt, but you should really look at re-flavoring.

Macros: 5/5

Let's see... 2g fat, 4g carb, 22g pro. That's within standard to me. I'm not all crazy over minor amounts in these macro ratios like some fools are.

Protein Blend: 3.5/5
First, the casein phosphopeptides: apparently they can be used to remineralize teeth as well as to increase mineral absorption in the gut and bolster the immune system. That's cool. I really don't get why whey isolate was added given the fact that the blend already has milk protein and whey concentrate. Nor to I get the reason for rice protein.

The other stuff: 3.5/5

Okay, the major detraction here is the prop blending. But oh well. I like what's going on with the aminos, but I do not like seeing the ethyl esters or the methyl esters... that's just sloppy and unnecessary and not helping the flavor any. My guess was that you were going for solubility. Kinda cool to see some nitrates in here but is it enough to really do much? Donno. There can't be much rice bran in the blend considering there's 0g of fiber. It's nice to see enzymes, but I'd like to see some data on their stability. I really don't see what waxy maize or amylopectin have to do with digestive enzymes and the various gum were obviously just added for texture purposes.

Overall: 3/5
I went into this really think I'd be giving a solid 4/5. But after I tasted this stuff and took a closer look at the prop blending... well, it speaks for itself. I've had much worse products in my time, but I've also had better.

I got nothing but love for Betancourt. For those interested, I say you go ahead and grab one of the smaller jugs and taste-test a flavor or two. Obviously this here review is not the final word on what looks to be a product with potential.

And a final word on the prop blend: assuming the aminos were not counted as protein, we can subtract the pro and cho from 32g, that gives us 6 grams of space with which to allot the additional stuff, which is plenty of room to have effective dosages of the various adjuncts.. especially if you're taking multiple servings per day.

So, that being said, I'm gonna have to try this for a while and report back on subjective effects.