Smackin' the Fat off Milas (sponsored)

  1. Smackin' the Fat off Milas (sponsored)

    Thanks to Purus and Grambo for giving me the opportunity to log the new Purus Labs fat burner, Fat Smack!

    I'll be using this as part of an on-going recomp from a bulk cycle. I'll measure my progress based on bf% reduction using 3 point caliper measurement.

    I'm going to keep calories around maintenance with higher protein and fat, and lower carbs as this seems to work best for me. Fat Smack will be used for morning workouts, and perhaps an extra kick in the afternoon.

    I'm a bit concerned with the capsaicin in it, as I've read it can cause stomach discomfort, so we'll see. The other ingredients all look solid, so it should be a good run.

    I'll start by assessing tolerance at 1 cap, then move to 2 and possibly 3. I tend to do better on shorter, more concentrated efforts.

  2. Day 1:

    1 cap in AM with whey protein shake

    I noticed within 5 minutes I had ingested something! I felt some slight discomfort in my stomach, I'm guessing from the capsaicin. I was taking it with a whey protein shake mixed with milk, so I figured that it would calm down, but it took a while, around 30-60 minutes or so. It wasn't a pleasant feeling.

    The energy level didn't seem like all that much to be honest. I remember when I first used Muscle Marinade (same stim complex), that I was really buzzed (almost high) but the tolerance quickly built up. Perhaps at 2 caps I'll be able to get more stim energy out of it, today was just a test. I'm a stim junkie, so I should know better than to use 1 cap to assess tolerance...

    Regardless of stim or not, I am most interested in the effect on fat reduction, so that will be the true test of efficacy.

  3. Day 2-10:
    I just got back from a cruise yesterday. Great time being with just me and my wife.

    All that being said, I was using the Fat Smack ranging from 2-4 pills a day. Here are some cliffs:

    •Stim effect has been low to moderate, it can give you a little boost but not a kick-in-the-face I was expecting.

    •Stomach issues are non-existant now, even at 2 pills on an empty stomach before cardio.

    •Thermogenic effects are there, but not as much as a thyroidal. Sweating more on cardio.

    •Some appetite supression, even on the cruise I was ordering less than my usual (3 appetizers, 2 meals, 2-3 desserts).

    Overall, been pretty good, glad the stomach issues went away. My weight has been dropping, but I'll be relying on measurements and bf% as the true judge. Overall, it's a solid fat burner so far.

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