-=| Aeternitatis does the Controlled Labs BLUE GIANT STACK |=-

  1. Thumbs up -=| Aeternitatis does the Controlled Labs BLUE GIANT STACK |=-

    This crazy mother****er of a supp stack consists of three totally badass Controlled Labs supplements that will eat your face for breakfast and push your mom down in the front yard for the neighbors to laugh at.

    Deez har be da culpritz:

    Controlled Labs Blue Up-Stim Free (60 caps): Discount Blue Up-Stim Free Supplements
    Controlled Labs Blue GrowtH (150 caps): Discount Blue GrowtH Supplements
    Controlled Labs Blue Gene (150 tablets): Discount Blue Gene Supplements

    You ready to eat lightning and crap thunder? You ready to blow your nose and find pyroclastic bombs smoking in the Kleenex? You ready to jizz napalm and cry rage-tears of pure fluorosulfuric acid in the corner of the wood shed where your dad used to keep "The Equalizer" before he weaved cornrows into his pubic hair and followed The Grateful Dead on an imaginary tour around the country while somewhere in the distance of your vapid suburban neighborhood a pimply teenager loops Dark Side of the Moon for the seventh hour in a row?

    Tell me... you ready?

    Whose gangsta?

  2. Some Info, Sucka!

    So I'm not gonna take a bunch of time to outline my diet in full splendor or lay down a template for my workout... 'cause frankly, I just don't roll that way. I do not eat the same thing everyday. I do not follow the same workout week after week. And we all know that no one actually reads that boring **** anyways.

    Suffice to say, I eat cleaner than most of you. My diet is the anti-package diet. It's probably too complicated for you to understand so I won't even try to explain it.

    In terms of calories, I'm looking at 2000-3500 per day depending on variables. Fat ranges in the 60-120 grams per day, carbs at 150-350 grams, and protein at 120-250 per day.

    I am older than 25
    I weigh about 1/3 of a 5 plate deadlift
    I stand taller than a meter but shorter than two

    Other Supps in Use

    Barlean's Flax Oil
    MRM Natty Whey
    Vitamin D3

    ...oh, and here's this:


  3. Monday, Dec. 13

    Military press: 5x5 @ 180
    Bent over row: 5x5 @ 230
    Weighted Dips: 3x7 @ 65
    Ab wheel: 3x12
    hanging Knee raise: 3x12

    Well brosefs, it begins. Nothing to say so far, obviously, since I’ve only just not started the stack. Although, I took BU and BG 45 min preworkout with some carbs (6 oz orange juice) and I think I noticed increased endurance, recovery between sets, and pumps. Hmmmmmm

    Tuesday, Dec. 14

    Deadlift: 4x6 @ 315
    1 leg Calf Raise: 3x12 @ 55
    DB curls: 3x7 @ 40

    So, took the BG last night before bed on an empty stomach and had some insanely vivid dreams. It was nuts. Seriously bananas.

    Wednesday, Dec. 15

    Bench Press: 4x6 @ 235
    DB bent over row: 4x7 @ 75
    Lateral raise: 2x8 @ 30
    Pull up: 4 x failure @ bodyweight
    Skull Crushers: 2x8 @ 30

    Things are looking up. Oh yes, it builds.

    Thursday, Dec. 16

    Squartz: 5x5 @ 335
    elevated Calf raise: 4 x failure @ bodyweight
    Sit ups: 4 x failure @ bodyweight

    just milkin' the bumpz
    where my oatz?

    Friday, Dec. 17

    Military Press: 5x5 @ 180
    Pull up: 3x6 @ bw + 55
    Dips: 3x10 @ 65
    Db curls: 3x8 @ 40

    Holy unrelenting boner, Batman!!! Must be the BU.

    Also, went for a trail run, we're talking up and down very uneven terrain, mud, creeks, rocks, fallen trees, etc. Was planning on only 2 miles but my fahkin second wind turned into a third and fourth and I found myself dashing around like a wild man in those woods. Came back dripping perspiration and pine needles.

    Saturday, Dec. 18

    1-leg DB deadlift: 3x15 @ 80
    Speed squat: 3x15 @ 180
    Calf raise: 3 x failure
    Sit ups: 3 x failure
    Skull Crushers: 3x8 @ 40


    Sleeping like a madman... er, the sleep is very deep, hits fast, and filled with dreams. I dont wake up drowsy, which is really nice. Takin in about 8-9 hours of solid sleep every night. My libido is raging. Pumps and endurance are no joke. Went and ran 8 miles today.

    Sunday Dec. 19

    My day of rest. I needed one. I expected to be WAAAAY more sore today than I turned out to be, considered the workout and run I had yesterday.

    Taking in about 350 grams of protein, 400 grams of carbs today. Feeling thick.

  4. OKAY!!!

    now ya'll are caught up.
    The Blue Giant's journey continues

  5. So I started using Big Blend: -=| Betancourt Big Blend (Vanilla Capuccino) |=-

    Does that piss anybody off? You think it's gonna confound my Blue Giant results? Watch out science, imma fuk yo schit up!!

  6. I went for a run today in the woods. I enjoyed myself. The air was cold but I stayed warm through activity. My erect nipples chafed on my t-shirt.

    ...the log continues...



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