Orangatang's Burnin' with Purus Fat Smack (sponsored)

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  1. Orangatang's Burnin' with Purus Fat Smack (Pic Update, sponsored)

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    First off, a big thank you to Grambo for making this log possible. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to log this product.

    Initial thoughts: I recieved my bottle on monday night december the 20th. Let the unboxing begin!

    --Just a few words on the presentation of the product. The bottle is all black with so orange and silver highlights, no doubt a tribute to the fires of hell within . I was immediately drawn to the warning statement on the bottle which reads, "142,500 Scoville Heat Units | Proceed with caution." For those of you who may be unfamiliar a Scoville Heat Unit, this is a measure of how many drops of water it would take to eliminate the burning sensation of the tongue from a chile. I have done the calculations and for the heat rating that this supplement has it would require 9.5 x 10^10 drops of water (and for you non-geeks out there that works out to be 95,000,000,000 drops)

    --Day One: I took two pills to assess my personal tolerance to the supplement. I dosed with food for the first day. The thermogenic effects were pronounced. I felt wide awake and quite warm. I could feel sweat rolling from my armpit area and I wasn't doing anything, just walking around! I am very optimistic for the results to come.

    Goals: I will be using the product for a recomp from my first ph cycle. I am currently in the market for some calipers so i can semi accurately measure my body fat %.

  2. Day 2:

    --Today I dosed at 11am when I woke up. I decided to do fasted cardio today. I felt a better burn without eating this time.
    *Note: I also seemed to feel a slight tingling sensation similar to a Jack3d type of experience. This may be an isolated incident.*
    I went to my gym and began a 30 minute interval training session on the elliptical. My cardio goals are to keep my heart rate in between 170-185 bpm for the entire session.

    My energy level was up and the burn was on! Got a great sweat going and blasted through the cardio session with some loud, angry music.

  3. Day 3:

    --I dosed (one pill) again on an empty stomach this morning with my pre workout product before my lift. I had a solid lift with an added sweat from the fat smack.

    --I dosed the second pill about 3 hours later after a meal. I am now writing this post and sweat is rolling down sides as I sit in this chair. The thermogenic properties of this are really no joke. I am definitely enjoying the product. Tomorrow I will be taking temperature readings before and every hour after dosing and will graph the data to see if body temperature is elevating at all.

  4. In for this


  5. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    In for this
    Quote Originally Posted by StakedCop View Post
    Glad to have you gentlemen along.

    --Day 4: I dosed 2 pills immediately upon waking this morning.

    As promised I recorded my temperature just before ingestion. I then continued to take readings every 15 minutes even through my cardio session on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, the data seems to be rather anomolous. I don't know whether it was the thermometer i was using or if it was me trying to use it while blasting through the cardio.

    Mitigation: (readings every 15 minutes, from time of ingestion for about 3 hours) and hopefully I can get some better numbers. I will continue to do this on non training days and plot each day on its own graph as well as make a master graph compilation.

    Todays thoughts: I am really enjoying this supp, the burn feels nice the energy is smooth as silk. I get a great sweat going with the cardio and my appetite even seems to get suppressed a bit.

  6. Day 5:

    --Dosed two pills with second meal, found that heartburn situation was completely alleviated. I would attribute that to the capsaicin. no workout today. Merry christmas and happy holidays.

  7. Day 6:

    --Today I dosed 2 pills upon waking with my first light meal. I recorded initial body temp (via oral thermometer) and did so again every 15 minutes. The graph shown is a plot of time versus body temperature. The results seemed to puzzle me at first but I think I now understand the trend.

    As the thermogenic properties begin to work, and the cardio begins the body recognizes the extremities need more blood because of the work exerted. As the intensity increases, core temperature goes down slightly. And the areas of high lipid concentration are increased.

    "In general, the energy to synthesize ATP molecules must be obtained from rather complex fuel molecules...Lipids are broken down into fatty acids, proteins into amino acids, and carbohydrates into glucose. Via a series of oxidation-reduction reactions"1

    Final thoughts: Still very much enjoying the product, I am hoping for some definition by the end of the bottle. Cardio sessions are getting more intense and the energy levels are keeping up.

    EDIT: This test is actually inconclusive. Nowhere is fat smack touted as a PYROGEN. These raise body temp, thermogenics burn fat.

    Reference: Nutrient Metabolism, Human | Learn Science at Scitable
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  8. Day 7:
    --Dosed one pill with first meal, and will dose the other in six hours. No workout today just using the product for energy booster.

  9. Nice log thus far

    Subb n
    Team Orbit

  10. Day 8:

    --Dosed one pill on empty stomach, pre workout. Doing arms today. I can honestly say I am starting to see my top 4 abs a bit better now. Energy is still clean and I don't seem to be building a tolerance now.

    --Had a great lift today. taking my second dose about 4 hours after the first for energy boost/appetite suppression.

    --Also, If anyone here has anything they'd like me to test, or has any questions at all, or sees some area of improvement let me know. I'm a first time logger so any information I can get would be greatly appreciated

  11. Day 9:

    --Dosed two pills prior to fasted cardio session. Did 21 minute interval training on the elliptical and then 15 on stationary bike.

    --I began taking measurements for my body fat %. In order to do this most economically, I chose to use the method by body fat computation that the US Navy uses.

    The equation I will be using is circumference based. I know this isn't as accurate as hydrostatic density testing but I feel it should suffice for estimation purposes.

    % body fat = 86.010 x log10(abdomen - neck) - 70.041 x log10(height) + 36.76
    (All circumference and height measurements are in inches.) "


    --Initial Measurements (At day 9) Neck=14.375" , Abdomen=34"

    Therefore, body fat % = 18.5%

    Definitely room for lots improvement. Still enjoying the product, good clean burn during cardio. Getting good sweats going around 14-15 minute mark.

  12. Day 10:

    --Dosed one capsule with my preworkout product and proceeded to lift chest and back. Felt the temp up as usual, and increased sweat. Will dose other capsule later in the day for energy.

    --I feel like I am starting to see some definition, nothing crazy yet but with the cardio and fat smack I hope to really cut up. Still like the product a lot. Look forward to sharing more results as time progresses

  13. Would you recommend this for someone looking for some assistance in excess weight loss once diet and exercise routine are cleaned up and in order? Like me and my fat ass!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Fat Ass 101 View Post
    Would you recommend this for someone looking for some assistance in excess weight loss once diet and exercise routine are cleaned up and in order? Like me and my fat ass!
    The simple answer to that is YES! If you got your diet and routine worked out this would be an excellent product for you bro. I really like it, especially for cardio. Nutraplanet has it for 34.99 right now too!

  15. Day 11:

    -Dosing two pills and doing interval training and abs today. Bout to get my burn on.

  16. Day 12:

    --No workout today because i have to travel back to school and unpack. Will be dosing one pill at two times today for energy boost.

  17. Day 13:

    --Starting weight: 184, today's weight: 179. Down 5lbs but this may just be losses from my cycle pct. But I do feel as tho I am leaning out. Starting to see more definition.

    Today I dosed 2 capsules on an empty stomach and then did heavy bag work and then did stationary bike for 10miles at varying intensity. Got a good burn on, and a good sweat going. Nice product here. I will be adding primordial's dermatherm when it arrives.

  18. Oh, with the Dermatherm that's going to be fun! How's your strength?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    Oh, with the Dermatherm that's going to be fun! How's your strength?
    I am currently post cycling from a run of hdrol using AI's swole stack. So my strength has actually stayed the same or gone up. But I def havn't noticed any strength decreases.

  20. Day 14:

    --Some news. I will be adding some pics up tonight once I finish downloading the editing program I like to use. I know I'm not big or ripped or anything but you can clearly see a difference in just two weeks.

    --Had a great lift tonight, burn was nice throughout. This may seem strange but I feel as though my skin is starting to be "thinner." Possibly some of the fat is eradicating from under my skin because I am starting to see viens where i couldn't before.

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    Here are the pics as promised. Please disregard my less than appealing figure and notice the fat loss.

  22. Day 15:

    --Dosed one capsule upon waking, and two preworkout. I did heavy bag work for a bit the 11 miles interval training on the stationary bike. Great energy, I'm starting to lean out a bit. I am very happy with the product.

  23. Day 16:

    --I got my Dermatherm today. I dosed 2 pumps after my workout. I dosed one capsule of fat smack pre workout with my jack3d and swole stack dose. I will dose again later in the day for energy.

    --On cardio days I have upped the dose to 3 capsules. One upon waking and two pre workout.


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