Ephedrine HCL vrs Ephedrine Sulfate

  1. Ephedrine HCL vrs Ephedrine Sulfate

    I was searching forever around my area for either Vasopure or Bronkaid. I finally found a local cvs store that carried it. However it contained 25 mg of Eph sulfate and 400 mg Guaifensin. Does anyone know if sulfate verson works close to the HCL. I plan on taking 2 caps daily once monring and mid noon along with 200 mg caffience and 81 mg aspsrin (ECA) as well all know it. Any feedback would be helpful thanks.

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    If you search harder, it's been posted several places that the difference is minimal in terms of effectiveness (very, very minimal). Sulfate works just fine
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  3. Ok cool thanks bro. Looking forward to dropping some weight.

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