USPLabs The Asteriod it worth it?????

  1. Question USPLabs The Asteriod it worth it?????

    hey guys, was wondering if anyone had tried all or any of the supplements in the asteriod stack from USPLabs...the products are Prime, Anabolic-Pump, and PowerFULL. would like to know how it affected you (stomach wise), results (gains, did they stay?) any side effects (negative like gyno) and overall rating on the product. i like jack3d think its one of the best pre-workouts but not too sure on the stack and dont feel like wasting money if i dont need too...


  2. That's a lot of money. I'm not the biggest fan of USP in the world, I think they can be somewhat shady. I don't really want to get into details, but if you search around you can figure it out. That said I have never used any of these products so I can't comment on the results. I would just have you keep in mind that when thinking about purchasing a stack of supplements that cost a lot of money you should always be aware of what else you could get for that amount.

    Edit: To clarify I mean what OTHER supplements you could get for that amount, not other stuff.

  3. what are your goals

  4. please do not waste your cashon that

  5. I'm a hardgainer with stomach problems and lactose intolerant yea pretty crappy situation when your a ectomorph type body I'm 5'8 at average 140 lbs I'm in good shape but want more. looking to put on some muscle mass and strength naturally and keeping my gains

  6. I would opt for two bottles of Anabeta personally.

  7. Have you ever tried anabeta and how did you like it

  8. Quote Originally Posted by sjim413 View Post
    Have you ever tried anabeta and how did you like it
    If you go to supplement reviews/logs you can find TONS of logs on Anabeta and read about users experience. Increasing hunger might help you put on that weight as well and a lot of people report increased hunger/thirst. Read the logs of Anabeta to see if you think it's for you. It would also only be 90 dollars for 2 months worth of product, which isn't bad at all.

    I have Anabeta (jumped on the presale price for two bottles), but won't be using it until I'm closer to being ready for a bulk.

  9. For the love of god OP, PLeeeease dont throw your cash away on dodgy USP rubbish. Grab yourself a couple of Anabeta's man. Awesome stuff.

  10. Reviews look good and was looking for something simple with little to no side effects so it seems perfect in writing hopefully it will hold up to what it claims thanks everyone I'll be sure to post results and updates once I start


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