P-Bol Full Bottle Review

About Me:
Been training for 5+ years now, very seriously with intention of competing on April 10th, 17th, and 30th, 2011. Looking to come in ~190 lbs, the top end of the light heavyweight class, and for the first show entering and placing top three novice. Cutting slowly, at around .75lbs or so a week.

Add mass, always. Cut .75lb+ per week and retain lean mass.

The Stack:
  • Thermolife P-Bol (2 scoops on workouts only)
  • Man Orotine/Clout (creatine for off days)
  • Orange Triad - 6caps daily

The Training:
5 day split, slightly modified version of Layne's PHAT routine
Mon-Weds: Hypertrophy
Fri-Sat: Power

M: Chest/Bis/Tris (h)
Tu: Legs (h)
W: Shoulders/Back (h)
F (a): Upper Power 5x5
F (b): Upper Power 5/3/1
Sat (a): Lower Power 5x5 (SLDLs)
Sat (b): Lower Power 5x5 (Deads)

20-30min LISS, treadmill 3.2-3.5 with low incline, 4-5 days a week

The Diet:
2.5k cals:
Meal 1: 6 egg whites, PB, oats
Meal 2: 2x XF Up 2.0
Meal 3: 8-12oz Chicken, Almonds/evoo, Brn Rice
Meal 4: (Post W/o) 2x whey
Meal 5: 8-12oz Chicken, Almonds/evoo, Brn Rice
Meal 6: 6 egg whites, EVOO

1.5 gal water daily or more

Starting Stats, Ending Stats:
  • Weight: 209 - 204.5
  • Body Fat: about 12% (calipers), about 9-10%
  • Waist: 31 - 29.5
  • Hips: 36 (i think), 35.5
  • Chest: 49, 48.25
  • Arms: 18.5 (both) - 18
  • Quad: 28 - 27
  • Calves: 16.75 - NC
  • Neck: 18 - NC
  • Shoulders: 56 - NC

Beginning/End Weight & BF
[email protected]% to [email protected]%

Positive Effects 10/10:
Summarized, this product has provided me with insane increases in pump, focus, and overall stamina. The pump does continue as advertised, a long lasting experience, without crash like stimmed products.

Negative Sides 8/10:
Two days I had minor stomach discomfort, but nothing to speak of as a real negative.

Strength 9/10:
Strength continually improved or stayed the same throughout the duration of the use of P-BOL. Never felt this strong on a cut, esp. one this hardcore for contest.

Pumps 10/10:
Insane pumps, very comparable to using C-Bol plus Hemavol (my last fav combo). I couldnt imagine what it would be like with C+P Bol. Had trouble walking on legs day .

Vascularity 9/10:
Very very awesome vascularity throughout the day, with noticeable improvement as time went on.

Adaptogenic Effects 8/10:
Greater between set recovery, less DOMs.

Overall 9.5/10:

The only thing that holds a candle to this product is C-Bol plus Hemavol/Agmatine, but its insanely close. The focus and stamina I got from this product were stellar, esp. for a non stim product. I will definitely be buying more of this. Thanks to Thermolife for selecting me as a logger, I appreciate it immensely! Go buy this stuff!