ryansm and Purus Labs Smaking the fat off FAT SMACK LOG!

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  1. ryansm and Purus Labs Smaking the fat off FAT SMACK LOG!

    I would like to thank Purus Labs for this opportunity to run Fat Smack! I will be using this to help me shed a few pounds and as an energy supplement during the day. I have been using Usp labs Recreate, so this should be a good comparison as I was having good results. I will get the log started tomorrow!
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  2. By the way very sexy bottle


  3. Maybe this could help you get abs like the situation.... (joke from earlier post) lol

  4. lol, I think I will pass if that's the case.


  5. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    lol, I think I will pass if that's the case.
    Two facts

    Abs are over rated

    The situation should never be refereed to as somebody a weight lifter, bodybuilder, power lifter or any other human wants to look like!! Haha

  6. Thank God I thought I was the only one who thought that guy is the last person to look up to.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm View Post
    Thank God I thought I was the only one who thought that guy is the last person to look up to.
    Agreed 100%

  8. Subb'd!
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    I'm in, Ryan
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  10. What's wrong with the situation?

    Haha jp
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  11. So my goals for this log will be to lose some body fat while maintaining my current LBM, so basically a recomp. Right now I am eating around 4000 calories, I will be adjusting this later today.
    6'3" 316 sitting at a little over 16%bf
    DAY 1
    Took my first dose this morning on an empty stomach, 30min later I consumed 2 scoops of MAP and then went and flipped some tires and pushed the prowler for some cardio
    First impressions:
    So far I am liking the energy, not overpowering, and smooth. Feeling good and I had plenty in the tank for my morning routine. I will be dosing a second cap prior to my weight training later today.

  12. Had a great workout, nothing crazy as it was leg day and I can no longer go heavy, but it was great because I have been in a fantastic mood all day. I have had a ton of energy.
    Front squats
    135 x 12 for 3 sets
    135 x 8 for 3
    and some leg extension/leg curl work

  13. DAY 2
    Weight 316
    Another great day, I'm really enjoying the stim aspect of Fat Smack thus far, great feel good energy. Today and tomorrow are off days will be back in the gym on Monday.

  14. Another great day, feeling good, nice energy.
    Weigh in tomorrow

  15. How many servings a day?

  16. I'm dosing 1 AM and 1 in the afternoon. It's pretty mild, not over the top and very clean so far.

  17. Sub'd i have some recreate that i was going to use for my cut starting in febuary be interested to see how you think the two compare.

  18. Day 4
    Weight 315

    Wasn't expecting this coming out of the weekend, but hey I'm feeling great and have way more energy. Workouts are going great!

  19. Day 5 weight 315
    Good workout today
    Power Cleans
    70 kilos x 4
    100 x 2
    110 x 2
    120 x 2
    130 x 2
    140 x 2
    150 x 2
    160 x 2
    170 x 2
    Wide-grip pull-ups
    bw 5 sets 10
    5 x 10
    Reverse hypers
    2 x 12
    Long workout with the Pcleans rest btw sets at least 3 minutes, but I had plenty of energy throughout.

  20. Today was an off day will weigh in tomorrow

  21. Day 7

    Weight 314.7

    Great day hit shoulders
    Standing over head press
    135 x 12
    185 x 8
    225 x 6
    255 x 3
    275 x 2
    315 x 2 for two sets
    bb Shrugs
    315 x 15
    405 x 12
    500 x 8 for two sets
    upright row
    225 x 12
    255 x 10
    275 x 6 for two sets
    That's it, a heavy training session went great had plenty of energy. I was also sweating a lot more than usual. I am very pleased so far with Fat Smack, energy aspect is not tapering off, no crash, and I'm starting to notice the thermogenic aspect.

  22. im in, good luck bro

  23. Day 8 weight the same
    Did legs today and felt fantastic again. One thing I have noticed is that when I take the Fat Smack on an empty stomach I get some acid reflux, just like when I eat too much spicy food. Not really bad though, so it's no big deal, just thought I would throw that out for those reading along.

  24. Ya that's the capsacian and some people have more trouble than others. Food should alleviate most problems
    Head Purus Labs Rep


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