Well in the past ive taken this stack and it did well but I was at a stand still because of business! Business took off and workout was on a slow decline. Guess take good with the bad! Now what I want to do is take another shot at this will a full Log, Diet, Stack and Goal at hand!.

Stack for cutting:
alpha t2
oxy elite
testo pro or another if any knows a good combo
was thinking of napalm or a creatine not sure.

I'm trying to shred the fat i am at right now.. im pressing around 9 to 10 percent body fat. I want to do a log w/ all the right goods. Im getting myself back in the game and on a 365 day vendetta to get myself jump started and push myself and others for the goals they want to acheive!

Before I start i wanted to know if this stack is still good or if anything else I have missed before I start. I have my Diet, workout, cardio, specs(body), goal, and mind set to start. I will prob start effective tomorrow.. So hopefully i can finish this by tonight! I have gotten everything all prepped. Im starting the workiout without supplements and will add once I figure if the list i have is good!

can you wear a weighted vest everyday or put it on, on the off training days?