Neat idea on how to take Cycle Support

  1. Neat idea on how to take Cycle Support

    The 2.0 cycle support orange flavor is a really good orange (reminds me of tang but less sweet). So i've been trying to use it in other ways than just putting it into a shake, and came across one I thought i'd share. Taking 1 scoop of cycle support, and adding it into 8oz of cottage cheese gives the cottage cheese a nice bit of flavor and makes it perfect for the late night dose taking it just before bed.

    Anyone else have any interesting ways they've used the new cycle support?

  2. Thanks for the tip! Might have to give that one a try. Sounds funky as hell but I'll try it once at least. LOL

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  4. i have the old version and its supposedly "chocolate" flavored....that **** sucks....overpowers two scoops of protein and leaves a terrible taste in my mouth...oh well...gotta do what i gotta do

  5. i hate cottage replace that with greek yogurt and it should workout nicely

  6. Yeah, dang, I had some here but didn't try it with that. I bet it would work nicely too.


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