AMS Body Mortar Carb Free

  1. AMS Body Mortar Carb Free

    I received a sample of this via the AMS UK facebook page.

    As the presence of most companies on here is very small in the UK I like to make an effort when someone does promote. It is nice to encourage innovation. I wasn't asked to write a review but it is courteous to repay the favour.

    I received a single sachet of the lemonade flavour, free of charge with no shipping fees.

    Naturally my review is based on initial impressions being a single sachet.

    Very good, I have been using BCAAs consistently for over a year now and am never out of stock. The taste does require some getting used to but I get on ok with it. Friends who try my BCAA drink do tend to grimace. As I buy unflavoured formulas in bulk most of the time having a flavoured version was extremely refreshing and it was actually pleasant to drink.

    It mixed better than my usual formula which is 2:1:1 ratio rather than 4:1:1. I usually have to add water 3 times to get rid of the powder sitting at the bottom after I drink it all. I didn't add any more water to this as it mixed without any drama. A little bit of settling in the top but that was it.

    I liked it. Very pleasant to drink. Buying things in bulk form I am used to drinking most things unflavoured and unsweetened. I am not a massive fan of sweeteners in general but let's face it, most people would opt for something that tastes nice than something free of sucralose or acesulfame K. I would usually take a slightly bigger serving than what was provided in the sachet so that is worth factoring in.

    - What is 'bitter blocker' on the ingredients list?
    - It comes with a warning that if you are governed by an athletic body you should check that no ingredients are banned. I assume this comes on all AMS products and is not specific to this product as it is just a BCAA formula.

    Thanks for the sample, much appreciated.

  2. tattoopierced1
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    Good review. TTT

  3. Reps sir. Keep watching that UK facebook page too. We will keep doing things like that in the future.

    AMS UK Facebook Page
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