Erazed and Scorched (Erase and AlphaT2 Log)

  1. Erazed and Scorched (Erase and AlphaT2 Log)

    Hello All,

    My name is Steve and I am grateful for Natty's kind heart to send me a bottle of Alpha T2 and Erase. I have high estrogen levels, and I heard so much about erase and it effectiveness I had to try it! I also heard a lot of Alpha T2, and I need to drop some weight.

    The journey begins!

    Lose about 15 lbs, and to stabilize LBM in the process. I want to shred up, because I am playing hockey in Jan!

  2. Day 1

    2600 (

    Bench Press
    135x10, 185x10, 225x10, 275x3, 315x1

    Leverage Incline Press
    90x10, 140x10x10

    Machine Press
    170 (Whole Stack) x 12x10x10

    DB Flyes (Incline)
    50x12, 60x10x10

    Push-ups (TRX) 3 sets to failure

    Start Erase and T2 on Friday, so this technically would be Day 4. I have felt the affect of T2 (red face and sweat more). Erase and sucked water out of my system like a suction vacuum, my wife already said "wow you look like you lost weight" lol!

  3. Day 2



    135x10, 225x10, 315x12 (PR) and 425 x 1 (PR)!!!!!!!

    DB Row

    Lat Pulldown
    120x10x10, 140x8

    Techno Gym Row

    Pullups (How many sets to 50 reps)

    Erase is working good, however I got sick. I have a nasty cold and sore throat. I am seeing more cuts, but its too early to tell. Both products seem to be working, just haven't seen drastic changes yet!

  4. what is your starting weghit and your height and body fat %

  5. 5'6"

    185 lbs

    14% BF

    Goal is to be 170, and Single Digit BF!

  6. Not bad starting point at all... very attainable.

  7. o yea you will deff reach that ma keep us updated im 5'9-5'10 ad 198 with 14% body fat but im 17 im trying to bulk right now to around 210ish ad then get to around 10% body fat

  8. Sorry I haven't updated this, but I have been sick! I lifted on Friday and did shoulders. I am not going to bother putting what I did, just a high rep workout. Tomorrow I am going to change my calories

    2165 Calories
    200g Protein
    121g Carbs
    85g Fat

    Cardio 6 Days per week 30 Mins

    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back/Light Legs
    Wed: OFF
    Thursday: Shoulders
    Friday: Arms
    Saturday: Legs
    Sun: OFF

    Alpha-T2: It makes my face RED!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I am wearing 10 shirts doing cardio! Great stuff, and it kills my appetite. I also makes me focused! So far I noticed its great affects!

    Erase: I am taking 3 pills a day, and I look leaner. I am carrying a lot less water, but I don't feel anything in the joints. Should I try taking 4x per day? I want to continue with it, strength is going up in the gym!! Haven't noticed much libido yet, though!

  9. Chest
    Incline DB Press

    Machine Press (Whole Stack)
    190x15x12x10 (Drop to 130 Failure)

    Pec Deck

    Neck Presses

    Skull Crushers
    135x6 (PR)

    DB JM Press

    1-Arm Rope Extension super-set/Rope Press downs
    3 sets to failure

    My strength is thru the roof, and I am dropping weight!!

    AT2 keeps me focused, good energy!

    Erase sucks the water out!!!!

  10. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got my levels checked!

    Test is at 1350! Free test is up!!!

    Feeling good, and also lost 8lbs!!!

    Was diagnosed as hypothryoid, so AT2 def works!!

    Log starts again tomorrow

    P.S. I have some personal issues so that is why my log stopped for a bit!


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