Boladrol like real anadrol? Finding out

  1. Boladrol like real anadrol? Finding out

    Saw claims it was like anadrol which I loved in the past when I was younger so I wanted to check it out. I saw 20lbs on the stuff with non raw receptors back then so it was a no brainer.

    Used to train for size and strength then. Was usually 235-245 @ 5'10 and ALOT stronger but less wind. Past 5yrs I do alot more full body lifts, sand bag, sled pulling etc and usually finish off with 4 rounds of 3-5min complexes (snatches, get ups, deck squats, snap downs, shoulder+run, jumpsquats, birddogs, etc). Mostly to complimment MMA training. Very similar to some of the working class stuff.

    Age 30, weight unchanged @ 225, lean enough to see my abs year round but not shredded. Proper ancils on hand should estro/progestor issuses occur and to restor axis PC. Never had probs in past.

    Currently, On day 10 of boladrol @ 2 tabs / day.

    Not sure when it usually is reported to kick in but not planning on running more than 20 days with last week bridging to epistane for a few weeks, will step up to 3 tabs bola tomorrow.

    Bridging to epistane as I used it about a year and a half ago with awesome results and retained nearly everything.

    Usual Diet is 6-7meals with 40-60g eggwhite protein/sometimes chicken breast, serving of raw green beans, and 100g Oatmeal and MCT oil for moring 4 meals (including post workout meal) and last 2 meals contain same protein but 50gOat/1-2tbs olive oil and 25gQat/2-3tbs oliveoil.

    I snack on raw greens throught day.
    Take 1 serving purple wraath and consume pre/during/post work out.
    PWO shake is 40g hydrolized whey isolate/50g maize starch/25g blended oatmeal.

    Also taking bulk super cissus for joints, fish oil, and Liv52. Check BP/daily while trainin and PWO.

    Keep you all posted. Feel free to ask any questions or give input/feedback.
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    I'm definitely in for results.

    Good luck, bro!
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  3. feeling fuller today. Think its finally kicking in.

  4. Awesome to hear man!

    I'll be watching

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