Addy's M1T log

  1. Addy's M1T log

    Cycle time: 29NOV10-29DEC10

    Dosage: 20mg/daily (take 1 with breakfast and another at dinner time)

    Supplements while on cycle:
    Ultimate nutrition Muscle Juice Weight Gainer
    Hawthorn Berry (for gyno effects)
    DHEA (for lethargic effects)
    Fish Oil

    Supplements once off cycle:
    T-Bomb II
    NO2Black (pill form)
    Kry-alkalin Creatine pill
    Liver Support
    Continued DHEA

    Routine used while on cycle:
    Current am on an 8 week HST routine, I've already completed 2xWeeks of the "2x15" for those who understand and know HST principles. I jumped on the M1T while in my "3x10" & "3x5" weeks to increase gains, and see how well this pro hormone reacts to HST principle training for own reasons.
    The type of HST routine I have chosen to do for 8xWeeks is a full-body routine centered around compound movements, but since a chemical is being introduced I can allow myself to add on extra workouts to help increase gains. Here you go..

    Deadlift - 3x10
    bench Press - 3x10
    Dips - 3x10
    Pull Ups - 3x10
    BB Shrug - 3x10
    Cable Row - 3x10
    BB Curl - 3x10

    Rest/ light Cardio

    Squat " "
    BB liunge " "
    DB Press " "
    Close Grip Press " "
    Bent Over Row " "
    Military Press " "
    DB Raises(rear head) " "
    BB Shrug " "


    Deadlift " "
    Leg Press " "
    Bench Press " "
    Bent Over Row " "
    Dips " "
    PullUps " "
    Barbell Curl " "



    Note: the " " mean it is the same rep and set count as I listed on monday. Now my routine for the first two weeks will be this, the last two weeks I will be switching to "3x5"

    Note 2: Ab workouts are after each routine and consist of decline situp/reverse crunch/cable crunch

    I'm also using the principles of progressive load in which case I've mapped out the amount of weight for each day and increasing it accordingly to keep my body adapting so I will get growth from it.

    I'm not going to sit here and type out my entire meal plan but here are my basic numbers;

    Calorie Intake: 3,600-4,000
    Protein Intake: 250-300g
    Carb Intake: 300-350g
    Water Intake: 1 gallon
    Sleep: 7-8 hours depending

    Now I've already completed Monday's routine and will post up the numbers for that later, I've got to roll out and do a few things but will be back to post mondays and todays for everyone.

    Gain 20 pds of muscle
    Be able to do a solid 20 pull up's at once
    Reveal 6 pack

  2. Lofty goals man but good luck...
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  3. I'm going on day 4 with my current routine. Yesterdays work out was pretty taxing on the body, though I've started to feel the M1T starting increase my recovery times. I'm thinking I'm going to have to bump up the projected weight that I predicted to use because I feel that my strength level is going to go through the roof by next week.
    I've been extremely busy and haven't had much time to sit down and tell you guys my numbers weight wise with the workouts but I can say that after each time I get done and I'm finished I'm exhausted!

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