hey guys, im new to this site but looked around and saw a lot of good advise. This is going to be my first cycle and im looking to get cut. My diet is already in place and has been for about 4 months, just looking for something to push me a little more. Basically my main question is which one you guys would reccomend, winstrol or anavar mainly the difference in the effects and what is does to your health. I'm not too worried about the price of them, simply which one is safer and or better.

  2. To keep it short var is safer and they have both worked the same for me. took winstrol along time ago one time and anavar by far gives your body much more energy and strength. winstrol just pissed me off, plus it sucks the water out of your joints and dries you out. Not good when you will be lifting more than your body is use to. winstrol mess with your liver and var does not, within the reccommended doses of course. most of my friends can do it 4 to 6 weeks before the winstrol makes their livers toxic. 8 weeks is the norm. I ran var for over a year at 40 mg a day and my liver values never went above threshold. anavar works comlpletely different thana any other roid. and people will tell you its stupid to run var and to take test instead. I went from a stocky 240 to a shredded 225, added 50lbs to a 400lb bench, was squatting 600 straight legging 550 etc. your muscles are rock hard at all times. and it wont **** with your hormones, nuts, hair or life. if you want drive take a preworkout and some good tribulus. i dont mess with gear anymore and theres a lot of great natural supps out there that will get you there just as easy.

  3. I would always take liver support like liv 52 or milk thistle or liver longer and some others if you take orals. you never know how your body will react to toxins even on a low ed cycle, plus you didnt post anything about size age or weight, habbits etc

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