gym4lifes first ever log with andrualic state gt

  1. gym4lifes first ever log with andrualic state gt

    Okay hello guys and girls this is my first ever log it wont be professional but I will try my best ...

    I'm 23 just got back inti training the last two weeks I've been going gym during the day but start today from mornings...

    Okay so i took my two scoops of andrualic state gt this morning its the strawberyy lemonade flavour .....

    I was scared from peoples reviews i knew it would taste bad but i knew the product is good ... however as soon as i opend the tub i could smell the strawberry and it. Smells nice ...

    It looked a little like puke lol however it really wasent that bad tasting infact i quite like it ... it deffinatley doest taste as bad as people make out ......

    Okay so I've takern this an hour before i go gym will update tonight I'm feeling fine at the moment ...

    Sorry for any bad or miss spelled words I'm using my mobile .

  2. Just got back from the gym ... and wow I didn't notice any energy to start with but once I got to the gym I really noticed a difference I just done abit of cardio and some backwork on the machines I could pull more weight and could do reps quickly .... didn't feel so tired ....

    So day one was brilliant really looking forward to using this a whole month :-)

  3. I like how ASGT works. Takes a bit longer to really kick in than others I've tried like white flood for example but definitely more prolonged. Haven't used it a lot since I only really use it when I'm feeling tired and don't want to hit the weights. It definitely helps being able to get in an intense workout when tired like that.

  4. took my dose this morning didnt go to the gym was my day off but had work.
    Didnt notice much apart from an apetite increase is this normal for asgt ???

  5. Any jiggers with that? How long before any crashing?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Tommy_Guns View Post
    Any jiggers with that? How long before any crashing?
    nope i have been on two days now and no jiggers i dont really expirence a massive increase in energy ... i just notice im not as tired and dont have to wait aslong between sets in the gym ,,,,

    Is working really well for me at the moment !!!!

  7. Day two didn't feel as much energy or as strong today but my recovery is ok and I'm still enjoying the taste and still lifting well .... no sides yet apart from more appetite. So day two all is going well

  8. Day three no gym today took my shake before work feeling good feeling abit of the alpha male feeling muscles looking a little more full no great increase again feeling a great appetite increase again I'm sure this is because of the adrualic state I'm eating loads and don't feel full result of this diet is getting abit cheated.

  9. Sorry for lack of updates im a week into using andrualic state gt and im really loving it is really helping with my lifts and getting some good pumps and veins show when I workout.

  10. Give it some more time. The accumulative effects will be kickin full time!


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