anadraulic state gt, Let the games begin

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  1. anadraulic state gt, Let the games begin

    Serving Size16Grams(1Scoop)
    Servings Per Container45

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*

    Total Calories 30 **
    Calories From Fat 0 **
    Total Fat .5g **
    Saturated Fat 0 **
    Cholesterol 5mgs **
    Carbohydrates 7g **
    Dietary Fiber 0 **
    Sugars 4g **
    Protein 0 **

    Anadraulic State GT Proprietary Formula 16,625mg

    Stimulant Complex
    Caffeine Anhydrous, Bitter Orange (20% Synephrine)

    Adaptogenic Complex
    Quercetin, Schizandra Berry Extract, Wolfberry Extract, Cinnamon 10:1, Mulberry Extract

    Amino Acid Complex
    Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Partially Hydrolyzed Pea Protein, Aspartic Acid, L-Leucine, Free Form Amino Acids

    Estrogen Control Complex
    Ellagic Acid 40%, Trans-Resveratrol 50%, 3beta-Hydroxyurs-12-En-28-Oic Acid 25%

    Creatine Complex
    Creatine Monohydrate, Beta Alanine, Creatine Citrate/Malate, Creatine Ethyl Ester

    PSARM Complex
    Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, Osthole 80%

    Carbohydrate Complex
    Dextrose, Waxy Maize Starch


    Today was day one. I worked out biceps, chest, and triceps. I will post my video of the day today. Someone today told me they enjoyed my video log thoughts because you can see my emotions that are really there not just text on a screen. I wanted to thank you for your feed back.


  2. I threw up today. I dosed at 1.5 for legs and abs. It is not mixing well and I am using a magic bullet. I waited 25 minutes and still felt suck. I only threw up what looked like 20% of it. Tomorrow is cardio and we will see how it sines in the cardio department .I will post my video and sets etc tomorrow. I am tired. Had to get a tire changed which is going to cost me 120 bucks or so. MY trends are gone. Been messing with that all week looking for prices and 120 seems to be the lowest.
    MY focus and energy was there. Strength was not bad. I used the regular bar today for squats and I will be using that bar for 8 weeks this time.
    Compared to flash over I don't need as much water and I think that is why I threw up. I was so used to drinking so much water over the last 2 weeks that I got in the habit around my workout to drink lot of water.

  3. Way to tear it up on those DB incline presses

  4. Did you throw up before the workout or during/after?

  5. 10 minutes in as I was warming up.

    The stuff just does not want to mix. I am doing my cardio class in 20 min and I made the stuff 15 minutes ago and all the stuff sits on the bottom.

  6. Felt sick again. I don't knoW what's causing me to feel sick. Cardio was okay. Took 2 scoops since it was 2 hours of cardio/teaching. Energy was there after my stomach settled. (took 10 minutes or so for my stomach to calm down.)

  7. It doesn't mix well, or at all. It works great though, tbh.

  8. DThere will be settling at the bottom, look at the profile and what it has in it.. ASGT is not your typical pre work out as you could tell or know already.. wait for the test boosting effects kick in!

    I never used a magic bullet for this...just a Shaker, what ever is left over , add a little extra water and chug it down:

  9. That's what im doing.

  10. I am excited. I just took 2 scoops back day.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    Felt sick again. I don't knoW what's causing me to feel sick. Cardio was okay. Took 2 scoops since it was 2 hours of cardio/teaching. Energy was there after my stomach settled. (took 10 minutes or so for my stomach to calm down.)
    How long before had you last eaten? Got to be something you can do to settle the stomach. Maybe eat closer or further from the dosing.

  12. I don't eat for a hour before. Breakfast at 8 or 9 then 1 hour later I take my shake than 45 minutes I hit the gym.

  13. Today took 1.5 hours. Fst7 is taking me 30-35 minutes more then when I was doing max-ot and dc training.

    So far other than getting sick I feel strong.

  14. Right after my 7 sets 15 reps I had to snap a picture of my pumped Bicep .

  15. hey man, just an idea for the taste. Instead of using your magic bullet, just put it in a glass and swirl it. Take a swig and swirl again and repeat. i can pretty much guarantee you will like the taste more that way. it sounds stupid but it works. if you mix it too well it tastes bad, unfortunately the grit will always be there.

  16. I will try tomorrow since at work I don't have a blender any way.

  17. just remember, dont shake, swirl, lol. again, sounds stupid but it works.

  18. I will follow that but that does not solve my throwing up.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by djbombsquad View Post
    I will follow that but that does not solve my throwing up.
    maybe its just to strong for you, maybe cut back? your the only one that is reporting this, but AS is a strong product.....

    Sucks because the benefits of ASGT outweigh everything else, IMO..

    either way, enjoying the videos

  20. I am still blasting threw my work outs and thats what really matters. I am hitting harder this week than I did last week and have been on FST-7 for 4 weeks now.
    1st week no preworkout prouct so I now how that feels with nothing.
    Second and third week flashover by Omga and not bad. I felt a difference with FST-7 with and with out prodct.
    Week 4-5 and maybe 6 Anraulic state GT so I will know for sure.

  21. So I did half scoop manually with a straw mixing it up. Still clumped at the bottom, not a big deal. I have my cardio class I tech in 30 minutes. So far so good. I don't feel sick yet. I will let you know how it is going after my class.

  22. ASGT kills my stomach too, i cant use it on squat day, overhead press day, or deadlift day, or cardio...actually i can only use it maybe once a week....idk i responded horribly to the first AS too, like sick stomach and then nap time 30min later....i didnt really like lg anyways haha

  23. I did not throw up but had to sit down for 5 minutes. Felt sick but only briefly and I dosed at half scoop.

  24. Sunday was okay class. Was only sick for about 10 minutes.



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