Final review after Natadrol cycle

  1. Final review after Natadrol cycle

    Hopefully I'm not breaking the rules as I created a thread in both LG section and this section.

    For you who don't know me, I've been telling about my Natadrol cycle in LG's section... But here is the


    Okay, I'm gonna list my thoughts and experiences after running Natadrol for almost six weeks.


    My cycle was 41 days long and dose was 6 caps/day (except days 1-2 four caps/day and days 3-4 5 caps/day). Unfortunetaly, I get flu and wasted the last week of the cycle.. Now it's day one of PCT which consists of a natural t-booster called "Anabolic T-Boost" + ZMA & creatine monohydrate.

    I tried to eat quite clean.. My goal was to consume 3500-4000 calories and at least 200 grams of protein (preferably near 300gr). High protein/very high fat/moderate carbs.

    Other supplements I used:

    Fish oil, multivitamin, vitamins C & D, ZMA, whey protein, maltodextrin (at post workout shake), Jack3d (one scoop before workout).

    How fast it kicks in?

    Natadrol kicked in very fast. After first day I started to dry out. I looked very vascular and I definitely needed to up my water intake. I have to say that even when I drinked a lot more than usually, I didn't have to urinate more often. I get rid of all that extra water by sweating. Sweating was one of those most noticeable side-effects I had. Many times I woke up all over sweaty...

    Strength gains

    After few days my strength started to increase... I was able to do PR's in almost every workout. Strength went through the roof and I have to say that I never even imagined that I might have so good strength gains with this "mild" compound. Some numbers to prove my claims:

    Walking lunges before the cycle I did 30 steps with 44lbs dumbbels in both hands - in the beginning of 5th week of the cycle I did 60 steps with that same weight. Soon it's time to do walking lunges again, let's see how many steps I'll be able to do with 50lbs dumbbels in both hands.

    (Romanian) deadlifts: before the cycle I struggled to do 6x280lbs & 12x258lbs and style was that the plates just touched the floor. In the first day of week four I did 6x313lbs and 9x291lbs and those sets were easy. And I stopped the movement to the floor in order to eliminate elastic energy. Next time I'll do that heavier set with at least 330 pounds, maybe even 340...

    Wide grip chin ups: Before the cycle I did a rest pause set of 15 reps with 35lbs of extra weight. In the last day of week 4 I managed to do a rest pause set of 13 reps with 47 pounds and I had 8,5lbs heavier body to lift with me Chins was maybe the hardest exercise for me to make good progress during this cycle.

    Front squat: I took too small weight for my shorter sets so I only compare widowmaker sets here. I always did these widowmakers after hamstring exercise (leg curls, sumo leg press or walking lunges) and one shorter set. Before the cycle my widowmaker set was 20x104lbs and yesterday (last day of the cycle) I did 18x137lbs. I did that set after being sick so I think next time I'll do more reps with bigger weights

    Size gains

    I started to gain weight quite fast, too. After that drying out my weight started to increase. I gained about 8,5lbs in first five weeks. If I had to analyze, I'd say that I made most of those gains in first three or four weeks and started to lean out later. I didn't gain much (of any) fat during this cycle because, as I said, I started to lean out after that rapid weight increase in earlier weeks of the cycle...

    I gained a lot of muscle (more than one inch) for my chicken legs and probably quite big part of that weight gain went straight to my quads Another bodypart that I managed to improve really well is my chest. I think it's time to start doing some heavier presses for my chest after doing those long rest-pause sets... It would've been nice if my arms and back had grown as much


    First I have to say that if my whole cycle would have been as awful as two first nights of the cycle, I would've stopped it after first week. I couldn't sleep at all, I was swimming in my own sweat. Sweating was intense through the cycle and there was some sleeping issues after first nights too... But it wasn't as extreme as after popping first caps.

    I had some joint pains in my elbow in one workout but I haven't experienced it since then. So I can't blame Natadrol about it.

    In last two or three weeks I noticed that I'm really really tired in the morning. Definitely more tired than usually.. That may be just a coincidence but personally I think it is because of Natadrol. But it's too early to say... ConcreteConny told me to see if upping my vit-D intake helps but it didn't help it... It isn't normal lethargy because I felt completely normal after being awake few hours. Side-effect profile might be better if I had stacked this with product like Ghenerate or Powerfull.

    I've read many reports about prostate issues with Natadrol. I can honestly say that I didn't experience any. No painful urinating, no weak streams nor need to urinate more often.

    I didn't notice any signs of shutdown. No libido loss and no testicular atrophy. Actually I had morning woods very often so libido maybe elevated a little

    Let's put it short here:

    Sides that I had:
    - Sleeping issues
    - Sweating
    - Tiredness in the morning
    - Increased hunger (which I consider as a positive thing)

    Sides that I didn't experience but kept eyes open for:
    - Prostate issues
    - Libido loss
    - Testicular atrophy
    - Acne

    Let's put the whole thing together. Scale is 1-10, 1 being absolutely awful and 10 is ultimately awesome! Remember that I have no experience about any other hormonal products so I can't compare this to any designer steroids...

    Strength gains: 10, strength went through the roof! I couldn't ask more.

    Muscle gains: 9, I'm very satisfied with size gains I made.

    Sides: 7, quite mild sides but nightly sides were sometimes very disturbing

    Hunger: 7, better than usually but it kind of faded after first three weeks

    Aggression and motivation: 8. I was really motivated through the cycle and aggression was good at the gym. But Natadrol doesn't work like pre-workout powder. Aggression was very easy to handle.

    Would I recommend it to someone?
    - Well, definitely! I really enjoyed this cycle. It was really good run and smooth first cycle. I made good gains without getting too bad side-effects. Natadrol is a good way to start playing with hormonal products Maybe it doesn't work so well with experienced juicers but with my virgin receptors it really did the trick!

    Natadrol might be very good for cutting/recomping. My cycle was some kind of lean bulk but I'd really like to try it for recomping

    I'm not 100% sure yet but I've been thinking about running Natadrol again next March. Next time I'll do a proper log for the log section with good before/after and I'll post my complete workout there too. I'll probably concentrate more about improving my deadlift and chin-up then... And next time I'll run Ghenerate with it in order to eliminate sleeping issues. Stay tuned!

  2. I just ordered Natabolic Stack so I'll run this again, that's for sure :P

    I took few pics after shower. I haven't trained my back since last Monday so it may not look as good as usually but I managed to do rear lat spread so well that I decided to throw those pics here I couldn't open my left lat in rear double biceps pose so I'll try it again later this week and maybe post another picture of rear let spread if my back looks better then... And I'll take those new pics in the same room & lights as those old photos..



  3. I also enjoyed the supplement and experienced similar side effects. Overall this is one of my top five supplements.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyIOSOS View Post
    I also enjoyed the supplement and experienced similar side effects. Overall this is one of my top five supplements.

    Keep up the good work!
    Yeah, this is so far the best supplement I have ever used Can't wait for running this with Ghenerate!

  5. Next time run Formadrol XT as PCT. You'll enjoy the cycle even more.

  6. Yeah, I will do that. I would've done it this time too but there wasn't whole Natabolic Stack available when I placed that order... I send them an e-mail and asked if they could start selling the whole stack too and after few days it was available on their website It's a shame that they don't sell Trifecta Stack, I'd love to try that someday...


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