4 Week CEL formestane
4 week dermacrine
5 week DAA bulk
LONG TERM GHenerate and 1-GH

I am 21, weigh about 195 and am 6'0". 10%BF exactly.

1st of all lemme say I love Ghenerate and 1-GH. I've been using that with 1-GH for a month now and have noticed a leaning out and small gain of size.

ASGT is also great and NO Shotgun too. I have noticed a better energy out of NO shotgun and quicker strength bursts but a more long term effect with ASGT. NO shotgun makes me sweat more too.

After 2 weeks of formestane solo I have noticed some hardening and water loss. Ive been running 3 pumps a day total. Did 2 weeks solo and an gonna run the Derma for 4 weeks.

Day 0; just formestane no derma or DAA-very tough workout before thanksgiving break
Day 1- 4 mL LV derma at night +1 pump formestane (rest)
Day 2: 1 pump morning 1 at night+4 mL derma (rest)

Day 3 of Derma+DAA+Formestane+No Shotgun+1-GH+Ghenerate

Took Dermacrine+Formestane at 7 am along with NO Shotgun and DAA.
Took Ghenerate+1-GH at 7:20

Dermacrine taste not great so I put in small glass of milk and consumed. Made alot better
Hit gym and 7:30 and started with 20 minutes of HI cardio with 30 sec sprints on the bike and 20 secs off between sprints. I had tons of energy.
Built up a great sweat and kep HR in 150-165 range.
My goal of this workout was full upper body with a constant high intensity with 1 min between sets and small exercises to keep HR up in between.

Wide Lat pull downs 4x10 with superset- last set 9 reps at 190, don't usually use normal lat pulldown bar at my normal gym but was at home gym for this.
weighted situps and crunches in between

Sweaty as hell and nice little burn in my lats.

incline bench press 4x10 last set at 175 10 reps. Don't normally do incline and my bench numbers are down not that ive been through a fall season.

Had the runs at this point hit the bathroom. Prolly from DAA.

Next some Rows on the row machine. Finish at 130 kg's with superset 130 kg's 10 reps then 5 at 110 and 5 at 90

ab planks with a 45 lb weight for 1 min 2 sets
2 sets 25 incline push ups

Tricep WO
4 sets straight bad pushdown-16 reps, 14 reps, 8, 6---1 min break last set at 2nd to last plate---PR for me
4 sets barbell overhead push last set at 85 lbs
1 superset of bench dips

hold 45's in fingers and pump 2f times to touch palm, hold up to palm for 20 secs 4 times

GABA post WO

Feeling great after today altough I have a little testicular pain. Similar to PH cycle and have had for a week, not as bad as when on PH though over the summer. Makes me wanna drop the formestane.