Modern BCAA, Xtend, Recoup

  1. Modern BCAA, Xtend, Recoup

    I've been using Xtend as my BCAA product spreading 1.5 servings between pre, intra, and postworkout. I've seen a little talk about the quality of BCAA products and I was wondering if anyone who has tried either Modern BCAA or Recoup noticed a difference from Xtend. I read the thing on glutamine being possibly not good for you in the Modern BCAA write up on nutraplanet. I used glutamine for 2 and a half years at 15-20 grams a day with no issue so I do not necessarily believe that gibberish. Basically I'm trying to get everything in order for next year. It's been awhile since I lifted and I was 3 lbs short of 200 before I had to quit again and I'm ready to get back to it. Thanks all.

  2. I honestly don't see a big difference between them. I have tried several and all seem about the same. I use Xtend or Power Shock most of the time. I have a supp store and most of my customers that were on Xtend switched over to Recoup because of price and the extra B vits, they say they have the same results. I agree, don't believe most of the gibberish you read.

  3. I agree with BillFuel. BCaa's are BCaa's..LG has BC+Eaa, another good product; rest assured you'll be getting your aminos with any of them and the difference will be taste profile for the most part.

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