Gotti's 5 Day AX Preworkout Log!

  1. Gotti's 5 Day AX Preworkout Log!

    First off I'd like to thank Athletic Xtreme for this opportunity.

    The product that I am testing is their new preworkout product that is not finished yet. The log is said to be 5 days long. Today is the first day so as per instructions I will dose at half a dose in 20oz's of water.


    Monday: Chest/Tris
    Tuesday: Back/Bis
    Wednesday: Cardio/Abs
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Legs/Abs
    Saturday: Shoulder/Abs
    Sunday: Off

    I've also been doing some HIIT cardio for short sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. This isn't my normal routine but with the holiday I have to adjust. I've also been working with a friend when he can get to the gym. So if he calls today and says he won't go today but can go tomorrow and do chest. Then I'll switch my workout to back today in order to be able to work with a spotter tomorrow.

    Weight: 162...That was this morning on an empty stomach with no clothes on. I don't believe weight will change all that much in the 5 days but I figured we'll check it anyway.

    Diet: The most important aspect. Since we have a huge holiday on Thursday and I'm almost forced to eat two huge meals that day I will be eating a little less for the next few days, probably around 2300-2500 calories a day and about 240ish g protein.

    Other supplements: I stopped taking all supplements as of last Tuesday except Toco 8. The only thing's I'll be taking during this is the Toco 8, Whey Protein, Casein Protein, Multi Vitamin, and Fish Oil.

    Sit back and enjoy the ride!

    Muscle Research Board Rep

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  2. Nice Gotti, looking forward to read about your thoughts and experience with this PWO.. It would be great if you could split your thoughts on the products in to different groups and rate it for each category.. Like taste,solvability, pump, focus etc etc.. Rate it for each like x/5 of x/10 , and a total rating when testing is done.. Think it tells alot more of a product that way..

  3. Ok so as asked by Eiz i will give number ratings of the product 1-10, 10 being the best thing ever

    Note: This was half a dose for the first day

    Monday: Chest
    Incline BB 4 sets
    Decline BB 4 sets
    Incline DB fly 3 sets
    Chest Press (plate loaded) 4 sets

    Ez Bar Skull Crusher into EZ bar close grip press 3 sets
    V Bar Pulldown 3 sets, last set did two drop sets
    Underhand straight bar pulldown superset straight bar overhand pulldown 3 sets

    Energy: 6/10, The energy was strange for me. I wasn't all stim'd out or going crazy with energy. However I felt more alert and not worn down after a long day of work. Like I said there wasn't any rush of energy but what I did get was exrtremely clean with no jitters. This product brought more focus than energy. I was tuned into the task at hand and I think my Ipod would have made the focus better but a guy wanted to chat the whole time which had me unplugging my headphones a bunch of times.

    Pump: 6/10, The pump wasn't anything to write home about. It came fast but kind of evened out after that which had me puzzled. For example doing incline press after the 2nd or 3rd set I could feel the pump forming and thought I was in for something special. However the pump grew alittle more but nothing like the initial rush felt like. Same thing happened in the tri portion of the routine.

    Taste: 8/10: I thought the taste was really good. Almost like a watered down pink lemonade. The taste wasn't to powerful yet it wasn't bad because it wasn't overly sweet. I might have given this a 9 if it wasn't for the after taste. After slamming the drink I had a pretty bad after taste for a few minutes.

    Endurance: 9/10, This is what I found to be the best part of this preworkout. Even though the energy rush wasn't anything crazy the endurance made up for it. I felt like I could workout forever. And some of the excercises like the skull crusher into the close grip press I usually get fatigued in the tricep which causes failure but I was able to get a few extra reps out. Also did some cardio which felt really good. Gym got a new stairstepper and they have been killing me. Which it did again but I felt like I could have continued to go.

    Mixability: 7 or 8/10, Put the powder in a shaker cup. Added the water. Shook it a few times and started drinking. No chunks. However I then looked and there was a small amount of powder still at the bottom. Alittle flick of the wrist and that was all mixed. Didn't taste any grit or anything either.
    Muscle Research Board Rep

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  4. Nice Gotti, thanks alot for splitting it up and rate it like you did.. Like the layout of the log alot...

    but a guy wanted to chat the whole time which had me unplugging my headphones a bunch of times.
    Ahhh, that can really be dreadful for your focus and intensity... It's nothing bad to be abit chatty as long as it doesn't interupt the training or makes you stray away.. Next time, walk in to the gym with the headphones already on

    Have a good one mate!!

  5. Awesome detail, keep up the good work! Was this at the 1.5 tbspn dose of the full 3 tbspn. dose??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by adawg4929 View Post
    Awesome detail, keep up the good work! Was this at the 1.5 tbspn dose of the full 3 tbspn. dose??
    it was at 1.5 for the first day
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  7. So on Tuesday I upp'd everything to the normal the rating reflect an increase in expectations

    Tuesday: Back
    Pull ups 5 sets
    Iso Lat Row 4 sets
    T Bar Row 4 sets
    Kneel Down single Arm lat pulldown 3 sets
    Deadlift 4 sets

    Alt DB curl 3 sets with last set having 1 drop set
    Incline Alt DB Hammer Curl 3 sets having 1 drop set
    Straight bar reverse cable curl 3 sets

    Energy: 6/10, Pretty much double the dose I was expecting major differences in energy. I was pretty tired all day at work and towards the end of the day my eyes felt heavy. Now I can never tell if it's from being tired or from staring at a computer screen all day long. So I drank this in hopes that this stuff would kick me into high gear. It did wake me up a bit but no killer energy rush. About 45 minutes after drinking I had a slight shake of the hands but that quickly went away. I'm also not sure but my workout felt pretty intense as well which could have lead to any stim affect not being felt as much. Focus was really good. Didn't want to talk to anyone and just get the job done.

    Pump: 7/10, I gave this an increase in the ranking at the full dose because I was fairly impressed. As usual my back pump doesn't come until midway through the backworkout, and this was no different but I felt my upper back was tighter than usual. However the ranking didn't skyrocket because I also felt that that pump didn't last long. The lower back pump was normal but intense. However everytime I do deadlift my lower back feels like a bubble. Onto the bicep portion and for me and a pump product this is where I can really tell. I must say the pump was pronounced. More than without the product however not the best pump I've ever gotten from a product. This morning however my biceps still feel slightly pumped. My biceps haven't gotten sore in a long time, no matter what routine I do to them. And they aren't sore today but if I straighten my arm they feel like a weak pump.

    Taste: 8/10, The initial taste of this stuff would get a 9. I really enjoy this stuff, it reminds me of a nice summer drink. Goes down easy and with all that water the flavor allows you to chug it down. However the taste gets an 8 for the after taste. For me it doesn't last long but it's there and bad for about 5 minutes so by the time I get to the gym I can't taste it anymore. Fix that and this stuff is right up there with the best.

    Endurance: 8/10, Today the endurance gets a slightly lower rating compared to half the dose. I expected to last forever. In the gym that is. I don't know if it was the routine or what but I felt very worn out. Almost like a cardio session during my lifting routine. I don't know what it was from. I didn't like the feeling of being worn down however it was almost like the muscles wouldn't tire out. I tried to go heavier than normal and not really sticking to a set rep range and the muscle I was using responded everytime. A few times gaining an extra rep out of a weight that I'm used to getting a certain amount from.

    Mixability: 8/10, used a shaker bottle again and after a few shakes this stuff was completely dissolved. Didn't taste any kind of grit or powder as I drank and there was no leftover residue in the cup when finished.

    Note: Today this stuff had me sweating more than usual. I can't tell if it's directly from this product but I did notice that. I also go to the bathroom during my workout the last 2 days. Lastly, drinking 20oz's of water preworkout isn't for everyone. I feel alittle bloated after chugging all that liquid but it quickly goes away.
    Muscle Research Board Rep

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  8. Wednesday: Cardio/Abs

    30 minutes eliptical hiit and 15 minutes random ab excercises

    Energy: 6/10, Nothing really new to report. This stuff seems to clear some fog from your head after a long day of work but doesn't give the desired energy needed for getting pumped up to workout.

    Pump: N/A sorta, I did cardio so I didnt expect a pump, however my legs did feel slightly tighter after the cardio session. Nothing crazy though

    Taste: 9/10, I guess I'm getting used to the after taste of this stuff because I didn't even notice it. I love the way this tastes, unlike any other product I've ever tasted. Then again I never bought any lemonade flavored things before. In my experience my two favorite tasting supplements have been Superpump and Chain'd Out Appletini. This is right up there with them.

    Endurance: 8/10, Confused about whatever is put in this product for endurance. My body felt like I was sluggish and wasn't doing very well while doing my cardio. However all my numbers were right on track if not better than usual. During my sprint portions of my workout my legs felt like I had to dig deep to get them to move. Even though it felt like I was pushing harder this stuff seemed to help me not loose my breath. Usually after HIIT sessions I'm breathing heavy and this just made me feel like I was sweating but not out of breath or anything. Odd but good

    Mixability: 7/10, Used a shaker bottle again and mostly everything dissolved. Went down a mark from last time for the simple fact that there was a clump left at the bottom, I ended up sticking my finger in the cup scooping it out and swollowing it.

  9. Thursday: Off

    Off day so I'll only comment on what I noticed (as instructed this was also a half serving)

    Energy: 7/10, I was sluggish in the morning before I drank this. It helped wake me up a bit and become more social with family members when they arrived at my house. I wasn't bouncing off walls or anything but a nice clean energy.

    Taste: 8/10, The first half serving I tasted was good. But after going to a full serving and going back the flavor is just weaker. Still not bad but nothing like the full serving. Again no after taste, unless I'm getting used to it and it doesn't bother me.

    Mixability: 9/10, This time I used a regular class and spoon technique. Worked good. A few spins of the spoon and this stuff was disolved. Also didn't notice anything at the bottom once I slammed it.

  10. Friday: Legs/Abs
    Squats 5 sets
    Donkey calf raises 4 sets
    Leg extension superset with standing single leg curls 3 sets
    DB step ups superset with decline weighted sit ups 3 sets

    random ab work for about 10 minutes

    Energy: 7/10, This stuff did seem to work alittle better today considering I was off and was able to go to the gym when I woke up rather than working for 8 hours and then hitting the weights. Still nothing crazy but I must say the little energy I do get is super clean and almost like a refreshing feeling of energy.

    Pump: 6/10, Disapointed with the pump today. I figured with this product my calfs would be busting out but it wasn't the case. Nothing from it. Almost like I wasn't using a product at all. Leg exentensions gave me alittle pump since I've been really squeezing and holding at the top but other than that I didn't get the intense pump.

    Taste: 9/10, I did a dumb thing today but it was also great. Usually I've been putting the powder in a shaker bottle, then filling a 20oz bottle with water and pouring it in before the gym because I work for the government and I'm not taking a foreign powder into the building and getting questioned. Anyway I grabbed a fresh bottle of water and funneled in the powder. Slammed it and it was delicious. Stronger than usual, when I noticed the bottles at my house are a different size than the one I've been filling with water and it was only 17 oz's of water. The taste was very good. I can seriously add some vodka to this stuff and have a hell of a time.

    Endurance: 8/10, Endurance was good. After a long day of eating and a late night of bowling I didn't feel like hitting the gym all that much. But once I got in there I felt good. Legs didn't tire at all and I probably could have kept going. Very impressed with the endurance aspect of this product. Also was sweating like crazy. I usually sweat from doing squats but today was more intense sweat.

    Mixability: 8/10, Like I said I used a plastic bottle today already filled with water. Shook it and a lot of the powder disolved. When I put the bottle down for a few minutes I did notice some powder at the bottom of the bottle. Another quick shake and it was good to go. No taste of grains or other powders like with some preworkouts.

    Note: I'm all out of this stuff and I'll have my final review up soon. Also must note that at first drinking 20 oz's with a preworkout was odd and I didn't know if I liked it but after a week I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me at all.

  11. Sounds like someone likes the product just seeing the numbers, looking forward to your final review

    Another question, have seen in some other logs as well that the 20 oz's of water seems to be a problem, atleast in the beginning... How much do you usually mix your PWO's with ? As I'm from Sweden and not familiar with how you guys mix the stuff.. But in Sweden and those supplements I have tried, I usually mix it with 5-6 dl... (15-20 oz's in your world)... Guess it's something one gets used too

    just a side note haha

  12. Very nice, and very detailed log. I appreciate the extra effort.

    I look forward to your final review.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Eizbear View Post
    Sounds like someone likes the product just seeing the numbers, looking forward to your final review

    Another question, have seen in some other logs as well that the 20 oz's of water seems to be a problem, atleast in the beginning... How much do you usually mix your PWO's with ? As I'm from Sweden and not familiar with how you guys mix the stuff.. But in Sweden and those supplements I have tried, I usually mix it with 5-6 dl... (15-20 oz's in your world)... Guess it's something one gets used too

    just a side note haha
    final review will be up tomorrow.....i try and use the least amount of water possible with my preworkouts, 12oz's at most usually, it wasn't difficult to drink it with 20oz's but as soon as i drank it i was able to feel it in my stomach....i also like using less water with things like jack3d because i feel they hit harder that way for whatever reason

  14. Yea i know what you mean, i generally like drinking a bit less, however ive recently started drinking more water with my pre workouts and it hasent been bad. Especially with this product, that amount of water is suppose to help aid with pumps.

    Looking forward to your final reviews!

  15. Final Review!

    Weight: 161lbs, as of this morning (-1lbs)

    Energy: Avg: 6.4, Alitle above average here, it did give some kick and the kick was clean but nothing special. This may be nice for some people who take in that many stim's but for others who love the rush like myself, this stuff falls short.

    Pump: Avg: 6.3, Again above average here, the pumps were decent but nothing mind blowing. In my case I'm not always looking for crazy pumps from a product. The little added pump now that I look back was enjoyable for me but not for someone whos looking for skin bursting pumps.

    Taste: Avg: 8.4, This was a highlight of this product for me. As I mentioned it reminded me of sitting on a beach sipping a nice relaxing lemonade. It was quite good. The after taste was kind of bad at the beginning but soon grew on me. Put this stuff up right next to the best powder products that I've tasted.

    Endurance: Avg: 8.25, Another bright spot about this product was the endurance. For endurance athletes this stuff would be great. If energy isn't what you need but struggle to be able to do all the sets you want, this may be the product for you. Another bonus is the pumps weren't to great for me which again allows this product to shine in the endurance category.

    Mixability: Avg: 7.8, This stuff dissolved pretty nicely, a few times there was something at the bottom that needed an extra shake. However even with that I still never tasted any of the powder which can be annoying for anyone who has dealt with that. All the cups that I used were clean at the end with no residue left at all. A clean drink all around.

    Would I recommend this to other people? Um...probably not as most people I know are stim junkies and only like the products that make them go crazy. However I do have a friend who doesn't like stim's all that much but does like a little kick during his workout. He also enjoys mountain bike riding and think the endurance aspect of this would benefit him.

    Suggestions: I would suggest keeping the flavor the same. I would however add in some extra stimulants into the mix. Alittle more stim's would put this up there with the best. If I was going to buy this product I would either up the dose or also supplement with a caffeine tab.

  16. Thanks for the honest, thorough review.
    Athletic Xtreme Rep
    [email protected]
    Ask me about the Athletic Xtreme Product Line

  17. Thanks Gotti, have been a pleasure reading your detailed review.


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