Review of N2KTS!

  1. Review of N2KTS!

    This is my review of mr. supps “N2KTS”. I am a rep for need to build muscle, however, we don’t normally get free products from mr .

    I came across my free full tub sample d/t needto giving away 100 full tubs for people to try. He stated reps could apply as well, and so of course I did.

    I must say, I have never seen anyone give 100 full tubs of any product away. (if you think about it, it was actually 110, d/t the promo where we gave out 10 to the people who found my chlorothoxy thread.)

    Anyhow, I got mine in the mail yesterday. After I got back from the gym. So today I have a butt load of hw to do, and I’d figured lets give this a try.

    GRAPE flavor: (1 scoop/8oz of water)

    Taste is good. Just like grape kool-aid. Such a relief, I don’t see how anyone could not like it.

    Energy: just downed it about 5min ago, already feeling ready to crack the books. Cant wait for a workout on 2 scoops.

    I know for a lot of people, taste isn’t a big deal. But if you like something that is smooth, and delicious, well, grape is for you.

    I will update this review after I’ve done a workout with 2 scoops. Stay tuned………

  2. it's a couple hours in, and man, this stuff is intense. I just might go to the gym today after all to burn off this energy. I feel like i could run through walls. (im not going to try, i dont have a camcorder. )

  3. Jbry,

    I like your objective view on different products..will follow you here fella.

  4. Just one scoop had such an intense effect, I wonder how quickly I will adjust to this. the tingling/burning was mild, so I could only imagine how it will compare to jacked.

    I have to say, despite the comments made by usp labs in a previous thread, I do like the jacked white blue rasberry.

    the taste are different, but both are good. def better than lemon lime.

  5. okay, 2 scoops today, about to go hit the gym.

    WHOOO! feel the burn, all over. I remember when I used to get this from no explode before they made it suck.

    good stuff. with two scoops, I did notice a slight chemical taste, but the grape just masked it enough for me to think I was swallowing a fresh wad of grape bubble tape, the whole 60ft (or was it 6ft? i cant remember) any how, yea, i was the dumb kid who would eat the whole thing.

    or the big chew, grape. thats how this taste. I like big chew. you can still buy it at D!CKS sporting goods. lol.

    you guys ever walk into D!CKS?

  6. Big League Chew, gum of champions at the age of 10!

  7. note to self. 2 scoops is too much in the beginning.

    if you have to go to bed early, and workout around 5, 6pm, one scoop. if my legs weren't fried, i'd go for a run. man, I feel amazing. gonna do some homework with all this focus.

    on another note, going to get my wisdom teeth pulled out tomarrow! fun.

  8. i wonder how 1 scoop of ntkts & 1 scoop of jacked would be? i bet it'd be nice...

  9. I've done a scoop of N2KTS and a handful of AMP02 before. It was a very nice combo!

    I usually settle with 1.5 scoops of N2KTS.

  10. here is another grape one.grape is starting to sound good.


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