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    About 8 weeks ago I finshed a cycle of Stanzabolin, with pretty good results considering I didn't adhere to an extremely strict diet. I have both Epibolin and Halobolin ready at hand but am wondering which one to go with and what I can stack with either. My goal is as lean muscle gain as possible but I've noticed that I sacrafice some strength when this becomes my focus. Could I/should I stack these 2 together? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Hello Buzz8121,

    I see you are a strong guy - Minotaurish even. I read your post and see that you are using Epibolin and Halobolin. Have you ever tried using CACA-Bolin? It's a topical ointment which you will have to smear into your skin and body parts. It will give you the strength of ten tigers. You may even surpass Eeidook in strength after several applications. As this is a powerful supplement, do not ingest or apply to eyes.

  3. Hello, I just got epibolin and was wondering about a liver, heart and cholesterol aid is needed. A guy who bought it on amazon said to not touch epibolin unless one had the other aids. Do I need? And if not with there be side effects??

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