Alright so I am currently on a 40 day natadrol cycle 6 a day and I'm gona pct with formadrol if that sounds right to yall. I would say I'm about 4 weeks into it just cracked into my second bottle about a week ago. Before this cycle the only supp I'd ever taken was protein so I'm brand new to all this stuff including this website. However I'm loving the results thus far I'm gettin great pumps, vascularity, and toning up nice too. After my cycle and pct I'm strongly considering taking it up a notch and running a cycle of d-bol (I heard thats a good starter). Anyways I've done a lota research on it but I'm sure yall probably know your **** so any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW let me know if I'm doing this natadrol cycle right as well, I did my research but as I said earlier, yall know your **** a lot better then me.