I am fortunate enough to have found a doctor who believes that men my age (just turned 60) should not be deprived of the benefits that androgen supplementation therapy can bring them.

So I will shortly be embarking on a second cycle of prescribed and monitored testosterone and decca supplementation (with a prescription for tamoxifin to reduce my evident estrogen sensitivity).

My question, then, is this: should I be thinking of taking any of the touted test increase products now on or coming to the market (D-aspartic Acid, Hard-FX, etc., and if so, which ones?

Or will I be receiving all I need to achieve my goals (more lean muscle mass, increased strength, fat loss, improved mood) with the test/decca ****tail I'll be getting?

Conversely, will taking test increase products while on the ****tail prevent the achievement of my goals and/or have unwanted adverse side effects.

Thanks in advance for answers to these questions.

Jeffrey Gibson
[email protected]