Irish Cannon's Dermacrine LV + HD-2 Log (Wendler PL Program)

  1. Irish Cannon's Dermacrine LV + HD-2 Log (Wendler PL Program)

    Cycle: Weeks 1-6

    Dermacrine LV: 5ml, 2x/day
    HD-2: 75mg, 1x/day

    PCT: Weeks 7-10

    Sustain Alpha LV


    • Increase PL Lifts (Bench, Squat, Deadlift) quicker than normal (standard increase is 10-15lbs on 1RP max over 1 month)
    • Gain 5lbs Lean Mass
    • Reshape midsection (more rounded, leaner)

    Current 1RP Maxes (ALL are RAW)

    Bench: 320lbs
    Squat: 485lbs
    Deadlift: 465lbs

    Raw Total: 1270lbs (bleh)

    Weight: 192lbs
    BF: ~11-12%

  2. From the PP section:

    Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Day 5

    Bumped HD to 100mg. I originally miscalculated; my apologies. It will stay here the remainder.

    Had a solid workout today; Chest/Triceps/Back/Rear Delts. - I won't be putting up any numbers this week as this is a preliminary de-load week. Everything is bodybuilding this week. The Big 3 don't start until next week.

    Just so everyone knows, I am still only dosing HD 1x/day. I like the powerful blasts around my workout, and then keep things clean and smooth with the Dermacrine LV 2x/day. I feel this is better for my HPTA. I have no papers or studies that prove this, but since Test/GH is highest at night, I will allow my body to produce it rather than push it around with the HD before bed. I've used this method before and liked it.

    I'll be starting the TCF-1 at the beginning of week 6.

  3. In for the ride Irish!!

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