FinaFlex N.O. Ignite Preworkout

  1. FinaFlex N.O. Ignite Preworkout

    Hey fellow AMers,

    Wanted to throw up a quick log/review of my new preworkout. So far my preworkout experiance has been with N.O. explode, hypershock, jacked, Muscle Marinade, and now N.O. Ignite is the latest. Mine is tropical storm flavored, no clue how they know what a tropical storm taste like but who cares.

    I actually tried it 2 nights ago, because I was super tired and the wife wanted to watch a movie and knock boots after so I figured Id take 3/4 of one scoop. 3 scoops being the maximum serving. I gotta say it worked nicely, 3/4 scoop woke me and and gave me decen energy for several hours. Not too much that I couldnt go to sleep though.

    The taste I didnt really like but I will comment more on that as I try it a few more times.

    Well Ima take a shot of this and head off to the gym. Lets see how this stuff does with a low carb no energy diet! lol

  2. Alrighty guys,
    Just got back from gym and slamed down a PWO shake and a bowl of cereal. Heres my first impressions of Ignite as this was my first workout on it. I took 1.5 scoops so half of the max serving BTW.

    Rated 1-10

    Energy = 8.5 It definetly delivered in this category, after I slammed it down Id say it started to kick in within 10 minutes...very very fast. I got relatively amped up, especially considering that I had only had some chicken with 2 tortillas all day. At first impression it seems to be very similar to jacked.

    Focus/Mood = 7 Focus seemed okay, it definetly put me in the mood to workout. I did back first and felt great. However by the time I got to chest my stomach was a little upset which definetly threw my focus off. Muscle Marinade did a little better in terms of putting me in the mood to workout, however I wasnt in a defecit when i tried it.

    Strength = 9 I actually got up one more rep on my pull ups. I had only done 11 last week and I did 12 this week. Though I had to dig in a friggin grind that last one out. Not sure if it help me on the chest as I dropped down to 95lb DBs so wasnt sure what I should have gotten normally. I got 6 up which made me happy especially since my stomach was upset by that time.

    Pump = 6.5 however this is a little unfair as I have been on low carbs for 6 weeks so come on how much of a pump can you expect to get when you hardly have any glycogen. I noticed my arms were pumped slightly more than usually from my pull ups, however, I went I grinded out one more when Im sure NO ONE would have thought I could have done another one, so that no doubt helped the pump in the arms.

    Thermogenesis = 7 its hard for me to rate this one as I am on clen/T3, along with caffine and coffee!!! my body temp is already crazy lol! but about 10 min after taking it I noticed the beta albaline tingles and warmth that is expected with it.

    Overall its definetly a solid preworkout drink. Id say very very similar to fact I almost think its the same formula (which isnt a bad thing since jacked is awesome) however it costs a little less and with more servings as well so....I got with whats cheaper lol

    Now I mentioned that my stomach was upset, but all preworkouts make me feel kinda sick. It sucks since I really like preworkouts, and have been in a serch to find one that doesnt make me feel kinda sick but the only ones that dont are the ones that suck and give no energy. All of the good ones make me feel kinda sick. I figured out that its the beta albaline that does it to me, as it is the common denominator in all of the preworkouts that work on me. However without it a prework wouldnt do too much for me as I am very stim tolarant and it takes alot to do anythign for me.

    I will keep ya'll posted on my thoughts the next workout. Overall I think it may help me keep some strength dispite low carbing.

  3. I like adding ALCAR to my preworkouts for extra focus.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    I like adding ALCAR to my preworkouts for extra focus.
    What does that do? I thought that was that workout in a bottle type stuff.

    Well today's squat day! =[ I dread squats day on a calorie defecit. But I'll have support so I'll just nut it up!

  5. Heres my review of leg day

    Rated 1-10

    Energy = 7 could not get the energy to sqaut. was mostly mental endurance wasnt there...but the No ignite wasnt able to push me past that mental wall. But it did help somewhat.

    Focus/Mood = 7 helped mentally somewhat...though the low carb thing has been killing me lately.

    Strength = 8 I actually pussed out and didnt finish my set to complete failure like i do when im bulking. Legs still got soar though due to diet. lol

    Pump = 8 not sure if it was a pump or a leg cramp but it was hard to go over to the leg press after my sqauts. lol

    Thermogenesis = 8 felt super warm and tingley. Man I was so hot after my squat set. lol

  6. ZamaMan,

    Great Log, exactly what I wanted! As far as the sour stomach... eat some oatmeal about 10-15 mins before your workout, doesn't have to be much, I know you are trying to keep the carbs low, but even a 1/4 cup, couple of bites, will help with the sour stomach. Another thing, when you mix it, mix it with a ton of water and be drinking water all throughout your workout, also will help with any stomach cramps or sour stomach. That is what I suggest for any/all pre-workout drink sensitivity, good luck bro, from the weights you are pushing, sounds like you are killing it!
    Dr. Albert Scott Representative for FINAFLEX
    Redefine Yourself..... REDEFINE EVERYTHING!

  7. Thanks doc Ill have to try to plan my meal plan around that perhaps. I know my stomach always tends to be more queezy when i dont have food but my diet is pretty strict and only carbs I have been having pre workout usually is the milk in two protein shakes. Heres the write up for today....

    Rated 1-10

    Energy = 8 before I left shortly after taking 1.5 scoops I was crazy amped jumping around screaming system of a down lol....kinda lost a little bit of energy by the time I got to the gym. was able to push chest pretty hard. Even when it took my seconds longer on second to last rep with slight spotter assistance I was able to get one more up. So happy about that.

    Focus/Mood = 8 felt pretty good in the gym dispite the low carbs. Was there mentally and even deceided to bust a set on dips and curls to finish the workout.

    Strength = 8 I got one more rep than I expected on chest so pushed it hard. Though on my back I was strugling though I was able to keep the energy to push EXTREMELY hard to get another rep on my chins.

    Pump = 8 Got a great pump in my arms after I did my dips and curls.. Bicep looked huge =)

    Thermogenesis = 9 while walking into the gym even when it was like 30 degrees outside, I was hot and tingling even in my legs lol

  8. Sry I have been MIA for a little while on ya guys

    Last chest workout I got sick from the Pre Workout so didnt get half way through shake. The previous workout I had forgot my drink

    the following workout was leg day

    Rated 1-10

    Energy = 8.5 felt good in the gym, had lots of strength, started lean bulking for the next few weeks so the extra cals help.

    Focus/Mood = 8 felt good in the gym. Was in a good mood and pumped like alwasy to workout

    Strength = 8.5 strength was definetly were it should be...slightly weaker from the dieting phase.

    Pump = 7 I dont get pumps on legs.

    Thermogenesis = 9 definetly been feeling very warm after drink. Might need to to start working out in shorts.

  9. Alright guys sorry I have been busy and haven't updated this review in a little while. heres the ratings from last workout

    Rated 1-10

    Energy = 7.5 Not sure if its been getting weaker in its effect on me...I think I have just been struggling to get as much of it down before my workouts lately due to the fact that my stomach seems to be getting more and more upset by it lately. Its mental for sure.

    Focus/Mood = 8 it seems like right after drinking my drink while im listening to workout music I get supper amped..but after the 15 min drive to the gym Im less in the mood to endure my longer workouts.

    Strength = 7 lately I havent seemed to be getting extra reps. May be mental.

    Pump = 7.5 I have been getting stronger pumps..the carbs are helping more as well as my metabolic failure sets which are 10-12 reps 4 sec per rep which gives insane pumps.

    Thermogenesis = 9 lately I have been feeling like I have been super warm after taking it. Especially if Im in sweats, i get super tingley lol

  10. lately I have been using it as a way to stay energized through the night. It actually works AWESOME!!! I usually have alot of trouble staying awake as it gets late, so lately when my wife wants to go out and do something past 11 (i know im an old man) I will take a 3/4 scoop drink and man it gives me enough energy to have a great time, but doesnt wire me so i cant go to sleep a few hours later.

    This is an awesome use for this drink.


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