Deads and Squats N2KTS Workout Review

  1. Deads and Squats N2KTS Workout Review

    Let me preface that I have abstained from using N2KTS for several weeks due to availability of stock. aka "Hoarding of said supplement". With its availability at Mr.Supps now I can use it again, Fuck yeah!! I love this shit!.

    I feel like a beast on it. Even after working out, hours later my mood is alpha one and I own this ****!!!

    I had a very good day today. Real positive mood, life is real good right now kind of day. Lovin it.

    Run my errands, today is an off work day.

    Workout time is 6pm.

    I take 2.5 scoops at around 5:30 and another .5 scoop at 6 then head to the gym.

    By the time I got to the gym, I knew it was on.

    Warmed up on Deads, 315# 4 x10 Worksets, then did 405 for 2, then 1. No belt felt good.

    Unloaded Plates and Went to squats.

    Warmed up 135 ATG sitting in the whole.

    4 -10 rep worksets of DEEP ATG 225...Controlled ROM.

    My whole body was pumped up twice its normal size and I was sweating nicely, in a good way.

    I called it a day. I ruled it. I Killed That **** Today.

    10/10 All Categories.

    N2KTS is the best pre-workout on the market. Bar none. Use it, try it, buy it!

    KTS with it.
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  2. I'm very excited to get more of this...I running out!
    Built By Metal

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    Get some!!

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