non sponserd review of n2kts

  1. non sponserd review of n2kts

    Okay i got my tub and was stoked this is supposed to be some good shizz

    cracked it open it was green apple- smelled like candymmmmmmm

    okay mixibility- amazing 10/10 seriously this stuff had NO clumps it wasnt chunky and not really any straggling bits at the bottom


    amazing taste it doesnt taste all chemicly and seeing as i take a sarm i dont want a nasty pwo as sarm is disgusting-good job here ntbm

    this isnt a stimmy feeling- o energy is there alright very present but it is smooth and long lasting its not like maximize where it focking slams ur ass but it is there- good clean energy-just the way i like it. As a result no stim crash either just enough energy to kts

    i feel like im on a focking mission-to destroy the iron seriously this is what surprised me the most about it i was in the zone-only way to put it

    total-9.5/10-best pwo i have ever used period

    pwo history for the doubters
    asgt, nanovapor,dymatize expand, maxmize v2, myoshock, 1mr, jacked(destroyed jacked), and i think thats it

    kudos ntbm kudos
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. Good stuff!
    My lifting partner had this flavor and gave me 1 scoop!
    1 scoop on DL day was the ****!

  3. excellent schwell!! i cant wait to try it!
    PM me about my peptide research findings

  4. its bomb man a staple from here on out i dont care if it cost 37 bucks it so worth it espc will free priority shipping
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. Good review schwell

    glad you like it bro!

  6. green apple here.I keep seeing the word candy come up.hmmmm green apple seems to be king here so far.

  7. N2KTS is def legit when it comes to a pwo boost


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