halo test25

  1. halo test25

    anyone use powerlabs- halotest25?
    what can i expect as far as gains? how about sideeffects? info says sideffects are minimal but they recommend a postcycle to wein off testo drop
    want to try for a cycle or so but want to keep far from putting by body, specifically you know what into a coma
    im already working out 4-5 days aweek taking whey and casien daily as needed, want to step it up checking whats out there
    any ideas or suggestions anyone has

  2. It is crap.
    Even for a beginner IMO.
    Promagnon compound.
    You'll need like 3 bottles for a good run..

  3. have you tried already? just curious, what was it like, they make it sound soo good, like one bottle and your tick' in a snap
    any other suggestions since were on the ph topic? relatively safe alternatives?

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