MAN Sports Game Day sprint log

  1. MAN Sports Game Day sprint log

    SPRINT LOG- Game Day for a week.

    GAME DAY Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (4.135g)
    Servings Per Container: ~30
    Calories 4
    Total Carbohydrates < 1g
    GAME DAY Complex
    Citrulline Malate 1,500mg
    Beta Alanine 1,000mg
    Choline Bitartrate 500mg
    N acetyl Tyrosine 250mg
    Caffeine 150mg
    DMAE 100mg
    Picamilon 37.5mg
    1,3 dimethylamylamine 20mg
    Yohimbe 2mg

    I'm really looking forward to using another MAN Sports product.
    I used a low dose of Scorch as a green tea supp, and I love Swagger- great energy, alertness, and a my-God-this-is-a-good-mood feeling. Iím told the Game Day has some of those OMG ingredients, so my expectations are high.

    Iíll be using Game Day as many ways as I can: before weight workouts, LISS and HIIT cardio, a mountain bike ride, and Iíll just use it before work- see how it helps my mood. Iíll start with a one scoop dose and (most likely) increase from there.

    Fail: I'm too new to post pics....

  2. Taste test

    I used one scoop as a tester. The scoop is very small- its nice to see a product NOT bloated with fillers and colors and crap.

    Mix: 10/10 One scoop mixes perfectly.

    Taste: 10/10 Countrytime Lemonade.

    Results: NA After I tried Game Day, I washed dishes. So, not really a test of the stims or performance enhancement.

    First real use will be tonight; I'll be getting a weight workout on my lunch hour (my work has a small gym onsite).

  3. Kick @$$ bro

    looking fwd to this !!

    I have to agree with you about the small scoop LOL . I am happy as well about the lack of color dies and fillers . str8 to the point with MANSPORTS GAMEDAY!

    good luck man let everyone know how you really feel good or bad.

    Team Orbit
  4. Pull workout

    I planned to use one scoop tonight, and a scoop and a half tmrw. I had those already portioned into little baggies in my lunch bag.
    But come gym time, I was so tired I was yawning. SoÖ.I used both dosesÖ..2.5 scoops. Yes, Iím aware the MAXIMUM recommendation on the label is 2 scoops a day. Yeah, Iím a rulebreaker, a rebel.
    Taste and mix were great. No issue there. I sipped this rocket fuel over about 5 minutes, and hit the gym 10 minutes later.

    Energy built pretty fast- I was fired UP for my workout.
    Weird feeling- my muscles recovered quickly, but it took me longer to catch my breath.
    I ran through a basic pull workout of rows, shrugs and curls. Nothing fancy.

    Post workout, my energy was steady, I never really had a crash.

    So one workout in the books. So far so good.

  5. Dam 2.5 s scoops that is off the charts

    I do not advise anybody to do or try this

    With that note out of the way that's just wicked bro I take 1 scoop and works perfect for me but what ever works for you I guess lol

    Hope you enjoy it
    Team Orbit

  6. Push workout

    Yesterday I was super tired by workout time.
    Today I was NOT well rested, but I was well stimmed. I took 2 doses of Game Day and spent my lunch hour in the small gym at work.
    Energy and motivation hit fast. I jumped right into lifting and felt great.
    Started with supersets of DB bench and triceps pressdowns, into rev grip bench and rev grip pressdowns, wrapped with DB shoulder presses.

    I think the stimms and great motivation in Game Day worked against me here.
    Iím not faulting Game Day here- I think this was my body just running on empty- I had about 5 hours of sleep the night before. Stimms only get me so far. Once I hit that wall, I really slowed down. I kept working and got a few more sets, but started to feel nauseous. Not the ĎI did so many squats I hurledí feeling, more like Ďyou should take a nap you stupid crack whore.í

    So workout complete, I had my postWO shake and now I feel much better. All in all a weird workout. My chest and tris were super pumped and felt full, and I had good numbers and volume, and kept the rest periods short. But MAN! I felt like death when I left the gym.

    Iíve got a day off of training; Tuesday Iíll be off work and will have time to get in full routines at my (full size commercial) gym.

  7. Tonight was my first chance to use Game Day for a full workout.
    It. Kicked. Ass.
    I had a very good workout. Energy, focus and motivation were spot on.
    Even better: Monday evening, 6PM, my gym was packed. Like, walk-in-a-zig-zag-around-morons-to-get-to-the-DB-rack packed. But Game Day delivered in the happiness dept- I was just fine with it all....loving my workout.
  8. LISS

    Today was cardio day- one hour on the stationary bike.
    Another WIN for Game Day- although my legs were toast after an hour, I had the energy to keep going.

    So far, Game Day is holding up very well to every test.
  9. Push- from Thursday

    Update from last night's push workout.
    I started with warm up cardio, then moved to BB and DB bench press. I started out feeling great but lifting poorly- I just couldn't get my normal weights or reps.
    I took an extended break to BS with a gym buddy, and I lifted better after that. My shoulder presses were great, both with DBs and the Smith rack. I moved on to to triceps and felt great! I did about 12 sets of various exercises and finally wrapped with a little more cardio.
    Slow start but ended up being a good workout.

  10. Famine workout #3 today.
    This one was supersets, high reps, and very little rest. Something like 22 working sets.

    My preWO meal was a banana and the typical 2 scoops of Game Day. I made it through the workout, and tacked on 30 minutes of LISS cardio before leaving.

    TBH I'm surprised I made it through. The focus and energy that Game Day provides has been a life saver. Or, at least a workout-saver.
  11. Final review

    Final review, MAN Game Day

    My short run with Game Day is over, and I loved it.
    What I like about the product on paper: its a fantastic preWO product without creatine or argenine. Creatine mono is dirt cheap, so its easy for users to add it in, or add their own favorite designer creatine. And personally I like not having argenine in the product. Although I love the pump as much as anyone, I don't think massive amounts of argenine help.

    On to the specifics:

    Taste: 10/10 Perfect lemonade. Country Time, all the way.

    Mix: 10/10 The small serving size helps here- it mixes perfectly with no grains or residue.

    Performance: 10/10 I wanted rocket fuel, and Game Day delivers. Caffeine, Yohimbe and 1,3 dimeth are awesome. And once I'm actually doing work, the BA and citruline malate help to keep me going with more reps and more time doing cardio.

    The bad: THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE FOR MOST USERS. But I found my sweet spot at 2 scoops. In fact, I was discouraged from using that much. But, I'm a big fella and a crack whore. This means a tub would only last me 15 workouts. Soooo...not the best value in the store.

    However, I don't mind paying a premium for a kick ass product. This is the kind of supplement I like to have in my quiver; my go-to product when I want to work out but I'm really draggin' ass. Game Day would be a great 'secret weapon'.

    In summary, Game Day is a delicious nuclear blast of energy and focus and gym performance. I'd like to thank Greg Caldwell from MAN, and their rep llllern/HomeGrown for setting me up with this log, and the support along the way.

  12. great job brotha !!

    Very nice log MAN
    Team Orbit


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