stacking pink magic with stoked, glycobol + testopro

  1. stacking pink magic with stoked, glycobol + testopro

    You guys think it will be a good idea to stack pink magic with these? or will it just be overkill?

  2. Actually being that Pink magic is suppose to upregulate testicular function( via the mass accum) and testopro works via a different mechanism to unbind test and boost test another way via the divanil, testofen, and I3C... it may hold a nice synergy for an overall boosting and unbinding effect. Testopro very effectively free's up bound test and has anabolic compound Testofen provided at the dose which studies support its anabolic potential. Stoked is great for estrogen control and negating any negative effects along with a plethora of benefits associated with tran res. And glycobol is always a good idea.

    Go for it and let everyone know how you like it! I personally will run Testopro, Stoked, Glycobol and HGHpro starting this saturday. The SWOLE stack alone is one of my very fave stacks so adding more fun stuff too it(as long as ingredients or mechanisms dont overlap) can only make it better.
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