Genomyx Performa v-12 strips review.

  1. Genomyx Performa v-12 strips review.

    Packaging: really cool and simple it's just like a listerine breath strip pack.
    Taste: it's not bad in the taste department at all in fact I like them they have sort of a cherry flavor with a hint of mint. I would much rather pop these for my breath than those other ones.
    Performance: here is were it really shines my mood energy and focus have all improved imencly since I've started taking these. I've been under a lot of stress lately and I owe much of my sanity to these little wonders. I've been focused and motivated with my interviews and work and still been able to train at a high level of intensity that I've come to expect from my self.
    Price: really can't be beat for such a high quality supplement.
    Thoughts: I will be purchasing more very soon this will be a staple in my overall health and performance supplement collection. I have used injectable b12 before and I can honestly say this is comparable I get the same energy and hunger I get from rhe injectable kind.
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  2. I have some in my cart at NP for my next order. Seem like a real nice and subtle pick me up
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by flightposite View Post
    ...very soon this will be a staple in my overall health and performance supplement collection...
    Great staple to have, and can be used instead of gum - although the addition of ThermoGum when training makes a nice combo
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