DAA and GHenerate

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  1. DAA and GHenerate

    I have my hand on oth of these and was wondering if it woudl be best to take them together or seperately, thanks

  2. bump
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  3. Well this depends on your age of course
    Second if you havent used either seperatly i would suggest start with DAA, add in TMG, SAMe, an L-dopa sup (Powerful) and maybe some DIM, That way you have everything to ensure your DAA is being used correctly, no build up of estrogen, and L-Dopa to lower prolactin.

    That is just me, but you can deff use them together since One is ment for Test and the other GH production

  4. i hav used DAA before...... not ghenerate what is tmg and SAMe? what would be good products of those...................would growth tech (vitamin shoppe brand) be good for the l -dopa?

  5. GHenerate is goood but it does not produce any drop in prolactin.
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  6. TMG is trymethylglycine, its a methyl donor that will help DAA be converted to NMDA (sp?)
    SAMe, also helps your body get more out of DAA
    You need a high level L-Dopa to reduce prolactin since some research says DAA raises it, also high doses B6 will produce similar results as L-Dopa
    Growth tech is not a good L-dopa product

    I suggest you go read the write up for LIT by App Nut, it explains everything about TMG and SAMe to help DAA and its conversions

  7. thanks alot....do u have alink to that? and are thos ethings i can get in a store sumewhere or woudl i have to order them off the internet?

  8. what if i used lg's I - GH -1 with the DAA since its buy one get one free right now at nutra...im thinkin that might be the way to go!!

  9. igh1 helps lower prolactin
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  10. i jus tdont want my prolactin levels gettin too high with teh DAA cuz i was htinkin of runnin it for aout 3 weeks, u think that be good? If i jsut took some extra b vitamins u think id be ok, cuz i aint relaly got the money to be buyin tons of stuff

  11. what r sum signs of elevated prolactin? also, will it go back down to baseline after i stop DAA? sorry for all the quesitons but thank you for all the help

  12. ok i did some more research for you last night,
    i cant post links since i dont have 50 posts yet hahaha, just search for lit-up by app nut in the search engine.
    you can by them at vitamin shoppe if you wish
    signs of elevated prolactin are puffy nips and lactation
    honestly there will be an increase of estrogen and prolactin with DAA, but you dont have to take action to lower it unless you see signs of an issue coming on
    so if i were you
    id run DAA at 3g each day for 14 days then run it at 2g for the remainder of the bottle or the third week
    use ghenerate as directed
    id only add TMG, thats what i do, stuff is really cheap, 1g with my DAA dose

  13. where can i get sum TMG? thanks alot bro...reps!

  14. Vitamin Shoppe carries it, i work there
    I bought mine off nutra, but either is fine
    Also when DAA builds up in your system you no longer need the 3g dose, you can reduce to a maintence dose to avoid sides and use for longer periods, best of luck man

  15. awsome, thanks gain so im gonna run the daa at 3g for 2 weeks then 2g for a week or two........u think i should run ghenerate with it or just like run it by itself when i stop DAA

  16. id say with it, since you've already ran DAA alone you know what to expect from it so you can tell what the Ghenerate is doing, use it pre-wo and b4 bed 5 on 2 off, awsome pumps on the stuff, have fun

  17. thanks again bro much appreciated

  18. no problem man, anytime
    what else are u runnin with this may i ask?

  19. Sweet lou what is the maintence dose for daa?

  20. runnin DAA jsut started Ghenerate today pre workout, animal pak multi, hydrowhey, beta alanine pre workout, LCLT post workout waxy maize fish oils glucosamine, kre alkalyn

  21. oh good stack bro, waxy maize and kre-alkayne arnt the best tho, ull get good results

  22. whats wrong with waxy maize?................what owuld u recommend? U think i hsould jsut go with mono? I have that too but figured id finish off the kre alkalyn first

  23. well kre-alkalyne is mono, ph corrected...which in tern degrades in the stomach faster then mono, Creapure, MCC, Creatine Nitrate are the most impressive imo
    and waxy maize doesnt digest as fast as claimed, its slower then white bread...the claims are made on Virtago S2 i believe, not bulk waxy maize....im not a fan of refined carbs what so ever since they lack fiber, and micro nutrients...if i were to use a refined carb it would be Virtago S2/Palatinose

  24. C.Nitrate suppose to be real good
    ~ IRON LIVERô________ *[It's just advice man, that's all it is! You can take or do whatever the FCUK you wanna do!]

  25. i got TMG and SAMe.....how would u suggest dosing these to help with DAA sides


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